I don’t know whether to go on a rampage or cry my eyes out. Or both??

I know that most men and their behavior stinks when they are amongst their own ranks. But for them to go public on a forum is … well, I don’t know…… Crazy? Stupid? Ballsy? Rude? Typical??

I don’t know believe it.. I just know that as a person in a wheelchair AND a male…. this pissed me off twice.

I didn’t even bother going through the entire list of pages of the forum’s posts. The more that I read, the angrier I became.

There’s nothing wrong with sexual attraction. None whatsoever.And there’s a certain point of victory when someone in a wheelchair is the recipient. But the comments left behind were so damned disgusting.

Have a peek:



You Are A Severe Asshole!

allaDearest admirer and fan of all awesome things that are in the world:

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Mr. Suave Commentator……. Mr. I Am Going To Say The Shittiest Things To A Woman And Still Demand A Response.

You and I have a few things in common that we find very sexy and attractive about women. I mean after all, if we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be commenting on the same photographs and videos of our favored kinds of women who all share in that glorious physical feature.

But you sir… are a complete and total asshole about it all!!!

It is because of YOU and recent actions and behavior from YOU that have occurred that not even “I” have the strength or the courage to simply talk to these kinds of women. It is because of YOU and YOUR running mouth, that makes these women skip town when all I have done is smiled at them and said hello.

And now you want to be just like the rest of the haters, just because she who is your idol has posted a very short video on YouTube which runs less than a minute in length of her kissing her significant other through the whole video while dancing in a circle to a lone saxophone musician??

You really have some big balls, don’t you?? How much did you pay for them??

What did you expect? That she was going to remain single and chaste until you finally reached that point where you are in the same room with her and that she would instantly fall in love with you and you would be happy forever and forever and ever?

What in the fuck is wrong with you??? The girl that we have a mutually fond admiration for is from RUSSIA!! You don’t speak anything more than English which is ill-fated high school levels at best, according to all of your typos and errors throughout time. And to the best of anyone’s knowledge she doesn’t even speak English at all. How were you going to make forever and forever work with that kind of language barrier?

So yeah, I’ve seen you around you jerk. Always fighting off the people who tell her to cut off her hair and to go bald or others who say other mean things just to get attention. You find yourself at the front lines of a battle that you weren’t even asked to join the fighting. And now here you sit defeated by a simple video uploaded to YouTube. NOW she’s a cunt? A whore? And a liar? I mean, really??

Wow. Talk about your pieces of work. And still I would gamble there’s still a chance that she’s not understood a single word you have been speaking to her all this time. So calling her names after making her your #1 social priority… yeah, we need to write songs and books about your technique on how to get women from foreign lands.

You steadily complain about how these evil guys who say mean things to her are ruining your chances at love. Well guess what now? You’re one of them.



Blog Buddy Hook Up Into Hell



Much like any other blog or diary I have started in the past few years, I never really started out with a plan of attack. Never thought about how successful the adventure would be. I just thought that this would be something that I could do, for myself.

SEX AND THE WHEELCHAIR still could be considered fairly new, and already it has such response to it. Probably because of the title.

So I sit here and give you all the tales of my dating life, both past and present, and hopefully I am able to sit back and learn or someone else is going to find my words helpful for their own situations.

As I sat here viewing the blog in its small entirety, I had someone looking over my shoulder.

I wasn’t shy about it. But I did warn them that they might find something on here that they may or may not like. When they asked what the purpose of the blog was and I told them, they immediately went into hook up mode and gave me the phone number and name of this woman that they knew was recently single and was looking to date.

So what the hell, you know? You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

That omelet would come from the Devil’s Kitchen. And no, I am NOT talking about Gordon Ramsay.

In an effort to spare you some of the boring details, let me tell you what I was told about her and what was confirmed later on when I met this woman.

#1- Recently single, attractive, no children, looking to get back into the dating game, and super super horny that all it would take would be to look her in the eye and the bra and panties would go flying.

#2- Not a fan of the fancy settings for dates. McDonald’s and a movie rental gets her just the same.

So off I went, laying the ground rules that she was going to have to pick me up. I would pay for whatever activity we would do for the evening, but she would be the ride.

Within two hours, she showed up and I got into the vehicle and we took off down the highway at a very high rate of speed. Exits were missed, and I’m trying to get her to decide on whether or not to go do something or go somewhere and eat.

Before I knew it we were out of town and into the next county.

She took me to HER PLACE.

Then she excused herself to “tinkle” and left me to try to fend for myself around obstacles that I couldn’t pass by, plus these very large dogs that kept barking and howling at the stranger in the house.

She came out with her hair up in a ponytail. But she was an instant hue. I asked her if she had a collection of wigs and that explained why she went into the bathroom as a strawberry-blonde and out a dyed bleach blonde.

After staring at her for about ten seconds in the fog that had built up in my brain, our eyes caught. And sure enough…. off came the bra, and down went her shorts.

But I will tell you right now that nothing happened. In fact, I insisted that she put her clothes back on because I was not good with that. Even though she was in her own home and what not.

We ended up sitting on separate pieces of furniture and watching television for about an hour before we got back into her vehicle and she brought me home. It could have ended very differently. Thankfully it did not.

That kind of blind dating is probably not the safest for me to attempt just yet.

The buddy that hooked me up, wants to see if I would write about this experience in my blog or not. He guessed wrong as that is what I am doing.



The Word Of The Professional



Here was a stunning thought today.

If anyone was to do a deep and long search about relationships and what not, they will eventually bump into a few “Relationship Professionals” who say that they are experts in relationships and sex. And they really want to help YOU with YOUR next relationship or even to help you prepare yourself so that you are ready for a relationship and are stable enough to begin one.

I’ve never really thought too much about this until today. But I checked around on a few of them.

The first thing that I saw was that some of these professionals are actually there to provide a service. So they are not willing to give up what they know for FREE.

Okay, that’s fine. A business is a business I get that. So then as I tumbled through the darkness deeper I noticed that there are no prices listed for any services. Regardless of how many times I had seen “CLICK HERE for prices.” It was nothing but bullshit. Instead, they encourage you to send them an e-mail with your inquiry and they will get back to you when THEY want, or can.

If they cannot list their prices on their websites…. chances are that a majority of the people who wish to legitimately use their services cannot afford it.

The next thing that I had noticed, and this is what sparked this post for the day, was some of these “relationship professionals” are neither married or in a relationship, but single & alone.


Wait a second, if you are not in a relationship… how should I expect to pay you money to put me into one???

Where is the expertise? Where is the professionalism? It all just seemed a little weird to me.

In as much as I told myself that I wanted a dating or relationship component in my life this year, I hadn’t thought about getting advice from these kinds of people. And I’m sure as hell not all that much willing to dish out money for it. I’m broke enough as it is. Regardless of whether they can help me find what I am looking for or whether they cannot.

But have some experience behind you at least!!!!


When The Brain Won’t Shut Up



As a whole, I understand this. And I believe it to be true. However my brain sometimes just won’t knock it off. Not even for a second.

Those damned cognitive distortions always creep back into the matter that is my head and then I get confused, worried, and even over-contemplative.

Especially for those who are “new.” I begin to think about it too much and wonder what the deal is with the new ones, what purpose they have for my life, and just how long am I going to be able to have them in my life. And that leads to my selfish nature rising up like a phoenix because I do not ever want to lose them.

If there’s a purpose why we meet people, then why can’t I just enjoy the fact that I’ve met someone new? Instead of wondering why they are here…


Stuck In The Distant Past

13623545350532113_a8a262463ed20b57ae663c5d1d076acb“Reunited and it feels so good” – yeah, what a load that was. Or would turn out to be.

Of course in today’s world music is so vastly different.

I think that people in general would agree that having a reunion between two people who have not seen each other in years would be a wonderful and amazing thing. It becomes fun to catch up with what was left inside the void of those years on both ends because honestly both parties are interested in hearing what has happened and how they got to where they are now.

Sometimes the “Ugly Duckling Turning Into A Swan” situation happens. When I see that some of the girls that were around me as a child got into their adulthood lives, its amazing to see how far they have come. But it shouldn’t be such a surprise that within a short amount of time, they end up getting married.


A few months ago, I ran into someone that I hadn’t spoken to since I was nine years old. That’s been a while — trust me!!!!

But I never thought her to be an ugly duckling. No! In fact I thought the opposite.

Dark brown hair, oceanic blue eyes like sapphires, a sparkling smile that even shined through the collection of metal braced across her teeth, and as an added bonus to those lofty late night dreams… a high school cheerleader. I can remember being stuck in my bedroom just daydreaming about her when I was supposed to be doing household chores or whatever.

But it seemed to be the end of that piping hot mess of a dream when she graduated high school and went off to college and I was still several years back. I honestly thought I would never see her again for as long as I lived.

Turns out that my honest thoughts would betray me.

When I had found her again in her adulthood years, everything just amplified. Physically speaking. Very much so still attractive.

And so on we went about doing that bit of trying to catch up with one another. Giving just the highlights of life because honestly, it had been far too long to go day by day by day by day for each year gone by.

She had a full life of ups and downs. No different from anyone else on the planet. I gave her my story after she gave me hers.

And then I did something that was so NOT like me as an adult that I even surprised myself. Hell, I’m alive still today to tell this tale.

I began to give her compliments on how she looked. I began to tell her quick stories about how I crushed over her from a distance when I was younger. And I complimented that she “hadn’t changed,” which honestly never does work.

The woman simply couldn’t see me though. All she knew was what little she could remember. And what she remembered was that little boy. She could not wrap around her mind that there was a possibility of me turning into a man, and having lusts and desires over ANY woman at all.

Growing up the way I did, didn’t help matters either. Quit worrying about what my parents did for a job and focus on ME, TODAY!!!

And yet her little brain was still stuck in the past. What a shame.

I’m not going to put up with that. Nor should I. If she can’t see me for who I am as an adult today in 2014, then to hell with that….. and with her.

No amount of physical beauty, physical wealth, or promise is worth it.


I Need To Figure It Out Or Grow A Pair!



This day will go down in 2014 as one of the dumbest days of the year. Hooray for Day 1 of this stupid list of the year.

My sister came to help me out this morning by taking me to go shopping for clothes and for groceries. She however failed to mentioned that all she was going to do was provide the transportation. And I was paying for it. Bad communication even among  family really sucks.

Besides that, I think that I didn’t do too bad for myself. Considering that I have absolutely NO MONEY for brand new clothes. I mean when a pair of pants is as expensive as they are now… and you don’t have the cash to buy them? Yeah, makes you wanna go live your life in sweatpants the rest of of your days.

But as we moved on to get food, I was in the check out lane with my sister ahead of me. Which turned out to be in my view’s advantage. The girl behind the cash register was probably the cutest I have seen in a month. She was so tiny, and looked so young that I began pondering the legality of even talking with this woman.

I realized though that it was a school day, and chances are that this was someone who was just looking mighty young for her age.

On the other hand, I never said word one to her. Except to say “Thank you, sweetie.” when she handed me my change and receipt.

Fucking idiot that I am!

After I got beyond the issue of “is she legal?” I still didn’t move because my sister and her four year old was RIGHT THERE!

Does a person flirt or hit on another person while family is around? I swear, someone from the female species needs to write up a frickin’ manual and hand it out to every male who is single.

And because of this, I missed my chance.

I simply think too much and too hard.


But all in all, I will not starve in this coming week. And I’ve got some really nice threads… don’t you think?


From Dashing To Dickhead In Under A Day



A few days before this blog about dating, sex, and relationships went live I had searched WordPress for other blogs to get into. Other blog posts, for people like me BY people like me.

Guess what? Here comes the South riding in again!!

Now I am not saying that everyone in the southern part of the United States are bat shit crazy, just the ones that I find!!

This time inside the panhandle of Florida.

It appears that I can do very well at the beginning. I can meet someone and sound intelligent, nice, proper, and whatever else have you. But the lacking seems to come after that first night of sleep from meeting someone.

It was that first night. I think that it had to be a world’s record that I went from reaching out and saying “hello” to having that woman’s cell phone number in hand and actually using it. Talking on the phone past midnight. All in under six hours.

I should have seen the red flag though. She had drama that following morning. I mean drama that would put your grandmother’s aching bones to shame.

So I attempted to reach out. But I was denied. Promised that I would hear from them a little later on in the day. And then I received a surprise phone call.

I had heard that they were receiving backlash type of comments on their blog that were disgusting and of a sexual nature. But to be fair in this telling of the tale, the blog was erotic poetry. Someone’s bound to read some of it, get hot and bothered, and then say something really fucking stupid because all the blood in their brain rushed to their cock.

Instead I agreed that it was unnecessary for anyone to make such comments like that. But had she not realized I had made similar comments to her the day before, only not harassing in nature? Hmm. I guess not. Or she just tolerated it from me. Who can tell?

But again, I was informed that I would speak with her later in the day as she would call me when she had a moment in time.

That moment NEVER came.

Guess what, people? Telling me you are going to do something and then NOT doing it?? Yeah, that doesn’t hold water with me at all. Who the hell do you think you are, the Queen of England?

Then about three hours later, I received an e-mail stating that they were sorry that they did not call me because they were already on the phone with SOMEONE ELSE!!!

What the fuck??

I did verily sit here for three hours by the phone waiting for the phone to ring, hoping to have a conversation and not knowing where it would lead us to. And you chose to talk to someone else?

Ladies and gentlemen, The Stupid rushed over me like the Angel of Death over Egypt during the first Passover.

I snarled at her for choosing whomever over me. I snarled for leaving me high and dry. And I did it in the most rude manner possible, over the worst way of communication on the planet, via e-mail.

Ten minutes later I realized that I screwed up royally. So I kept trying to hit the BACKSPACE button.


Too late. So I sent a follow up e-mail, apologizing to her.

Damage though was done. I admitted that what I had said to her was mean and stupid and she seconded that. “Yeah it was. I don’t believe you said that to me!”

But I thought about this for a while as I sat there not really knowing what to do or say to help make the situation better after burning her like the levels of Hell.

We had not known each other 24 hours yet. And I didn’t know what was going on with her. I did not know who she spends her time with. I didn’t know who her friends truly were. I knew absolutely NOTHING about her. So why am I getting all huffy and puffy? Moron.

So I attempted to come to her saying “Hey, I really screwed up. I am sorry that I did. Let’s reboot. Besides, were bound to make a few mistakes because we don’t know each other.”

But to the lady in the great state of Florida, I had committed the most committed of all mortal sins ever to have been committed. So she was not even willing to entertain the fact that I was sincere in my apology. And immediately, I was locked up inside of the Friend Zone.

Well….. there went that!!

I left her alone for a full day. I noticed she posted more poetry but then locked up the erotic poetry page as “private” on WordPress. Whatever.

The day after that, I went to see if she would at least say something. But again, without knowing who she truly was …. how was I to know that she doesn’t like getting into confrontations and was quick to forgive. But still kept throwing the word “friend” around like it was supposed to be some collar meant for around my neck. She just wouldn’t stop with it.

That is why I always have said that “Friend is the OTHER ‘F’ word.”

I then tested her waters a little more and asked about talking to her over the phone. I didn’t think she would allow it, but again she pushed it in my face that I did not know her.

Why is it that women do this? Someone’s gotta tell me why.

I get that she was pissed off. I think I would have been too. But constantly rubbing the same turd into the dog’s nose? What good does that do??

Surprisingly enough she said “Call me between this and that hour.” But I was unable to as I had plans during that time period. So I didn’t.

But when I came back I sent a new e-mail explaining why I did not call her during her original time frame and simply asked her when the next good time would be for her.

Guess what? I’m the fucking devil again!!! And this time… I’m PUSHY!

I quit. I absolutely quit. I pulled away from any and all social networking. I deleted anything I may have posted, and I stopped following her on WordPress.

Its ridiculous. I make one big ole mistake. And yeah it was pretty messed up… I admit that. But when you go on saying one thing and doing another, on top of not letting other things go…. its a problem. And its YOUR problem and I’m out the door! So long, Serena!!!!!!!!

And no. Not everyone in Florida is like this. But I sure do know how to find them…. I guess.


Raises Standards And Rolling Eyes


Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.

I have been seeing this for years. And I actually will admit to you that I agree with it – to a certain extent. But I do NOT agree with it all of the way. 

Because there are those limited few people out there who have their standards up so high that their own head is shoved so far up their own asses that the lumps in their throat is their fucking nose. 

I am not saying LOWER your standards either. I ended up doing that with the last relationship I was in. And for reasons unknown by science, it was my longest relationship with a woman as far as duration and time. Because standards just kept dropping between the two of us. 

But this quotation… Ehhh, I’m not a fan of it. Tell me what you think???

Why I’m Not Allowed In The State Of Georgia



I do not know or at least do not remember what brought this story up today because it was so long ago, but apparently it was decided on some closer acquaintances of mine to share this story as this is a blog of sex, dating, and relationships. So I’ll go ahead and add it to this new blog at this point. SOME of you are going to have a field day with this story:

A few years ago, I had stumbled across this woman from Georgia on Facebook. And I just thought she was the most attractive woman I had ever laid eyes upon, per her profile pictures.

And the thing that got to me back then was that as far as physical attraction was concerned, she fit the bill. Crystal blue eyes, bright red hair that went to all the way down to her calves, the fact that she wasn’t 15 years old or had a fucked up divorce or weird ex-boyfriends and genuinely single.

So I started talking to her on a daily basis. And then the very first day that I asked her for her phone number, things kind of got shot and started slipping and going the other direction and slid straight into Stalker Hell.

I called her around 10:00 PM that day and I was on the phone with her for the next eight straight hours. The only thing that stopped us was the fact that my phone battery was dying and it was going to have to re-charge.

As I literally crawled inch by inch into bed, I fell asleep almost the very second my head hit the pillow. Only to be awakened by two things: The sound of the phone ringing and the fact that when I opened my eyes again, the sun was shining into them. I had only been asleep for two hours. The ringing sounds of her sweet peach of a southern voice going in my head, making things tingle and shiver all over.

I did not move. I let the phone go to voice mail. And I figured that if it was a genuine emergency that someone had to really contact me, that the phone would ring again and in short order. But it did not. So I slept basically until about noon that day.

I checked the voice mail and it was good ole gal from Georgia.

Felisha was her name. Apparently telephones were her game. Or one would have thought. It would turn out that other things were!

Suddenly, Felisha and I were finding ourselves on the telephone day AND night and into the next morning hours all the way through until dawn. Good grief!!! I sit back now in 2014, and wonder how I even did the basic things in life like eat or go to the bathroom for being on the phone for so long!!!

Day after day after day. Night after relentless and unforgiving night.

And then Felisha and I found ourselves in that spot that was in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I knew that I was going to be spending time with my family. And that she was supposed to be spending time with hers. So, the phone calls were going to slack off a lot during the holiday season.

But they honestly didn’t. Even on days like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when she saw that I was active on Facebook doing whatever, she’d call right away. Even if that meant that I got home late and I was just responding to a few posts at 1:00 AM.

The nature of phone conversations were pretty standard during the day. But when the sun went down, the fire got turned up. She would always talk about sex toys that she owned and that she wanted me to use them on her. And then she would use them on herself while still on the phone.

So there was a lot of phone sex conversations that happened in the nighttime while usually putting butt plugs and other things up her ass and calling out my first name to fuck her harder.

And before I forget to mention… she had stated that she had many different jobs in life. One including being a truck driver. So when she found out that I was less than 1,000 miles away from her home to my home, she seriously was thinking about just jumping in the car and traveling the distance from just outside of Toomsboro, Georgia to where I was.


Not as creepy as what happened in the month of December.

Felisha had this thing about her that she could still talk and carry on a conversation even though she was fast asleep. It was kind of like sleep walking, but sleep TALKING. It was really weird.

She also admitted that she could never tell a lie when she was in this state, and she couldn’t keep a secret.

When I started to finally recognize the weirdness, she and I had this goofy little spat about Christmas gifts. She said that she had got me a present for Christmas but refused to say what it was.

But I had utilized the fact that once she was asleep, I figured out what she got me as a present. This was the one time that I did that to her, that and the one time where I was trying to figure out if she was falling in love with me. While asleep, she admitted that she was falling in love with me and the weird thing was that she thought she was talking to a guy named Robby. That’s not my name.

But the Christmas present was an eye-opener!! And THANKFULLY …. I did find out ahead of time what it was, otherwise I probably would have passed out from shock. Even though I realize it was a shitty thing to do to her.

Three items were packed away in this tiny little box.

#1- A white t-shirt that had her initials on it, F.T.

#2- A pair of thong red and white polka dot underwear.

#3- And a tube of K-Y jelly.

What the fuck kind of Christmas gifts are these?!?!?!?!?!????


I love you so much! I got you wonderful gifts for Christmas! I love you! I need you! I can’t wait for you to fuck me!! God, how I want you and love you!!!

The night that I squeezed it out of her… the box came only four days later. I gave away the t-shirt and I will see it once in a while, the other two items I think I threw away.

But Felisha’s strong feelings for me were getting far too stalker-ish. Even on Facebook. She was all over every post I put on there. And then when other friends of mine that I had grown close to were posting… she’d question me about them. She’d then get super pissed off if she read any comments from me if I told anyone, whether family or friends, that I loved them.

That is who I am. I say “I love you” to those I feel so close to. She couldn’t handle it.

I told her to calm down or I was going to block her from Facebook. She didn’t listen, so I blocked her.

Then she started to call relentlessly. I never answered the phone. And I would have to delete any kind of voice mails she left. I just didn’t want to hear it. And I only wanted her to calm the fuck down. But I guess she didn’t have the capacity.

So for days I had to use some self-control and NOT answer the phone when she called.

But then the amount of phone calls that I was receiving was so many. I ended up having to change my phone number and that was an expensive adventure. PLUS…. I had to wait two weeks before it kicked in and changed.

In almost a month’s worth of avoiding the phone when Felisha called, I only listened to ONE voice mail.

Felisha was in tears and sounding depressed and extremely apologetic and saying she was sorry over and over and over and over and over again. Telling me that she loved me so much that she couldn’t stand being away from me like this and that she wished I’d answer the phone or call her back.

But her apologies were deemed untrue as she said a couple of times “I don’t know what I did wrong or did to you to make you mad at me…. but I’m sorry.”

If you don’t know what you did wrong — why are you then apologizing?

When the new phone number was made live, I never heard from her again. I have no idea whether she is alive or dead or married to some other idiot or still single and shoving things into her butt.

I actually ran the risk that she could have thought about coming here and knocking on my door. I got lucky that she did not do that!

But my close a neighbor and friend had heard these horrible nightmare stories and he and I had built a men’s club that still exists today and one of the rules was “Stay  The Fuck Away From Georgia.”

Even in her perverted state, I had my friend call her and say the  exact same disgusting sexual things back to her to prove a point but it didn’t sink in.

But my friend just died about a year and a half ago. He was like a father figure to me. And I still have no clue whatsoever where Felisha is. And there’s been times where I would think about her physical attributes and get stirred up again. But I would remember the HELL that I went through one winter a few years ago, and that stops me altogether.

So be careful who you talk to on the Internet. I am no longer allowed to into the state of Georgia.