I Need To Figure It Out Or Grow A Pair!



This day will go down in 2014 as one of the dumbest days of the year. Hooray for Day 1 of this stupid list of the year.

My sister came to help me out this morning by taking me to go shopping for clothes and for groceries. She however failed to mentioned that all she was going to do was provide the transportation. And I was paying for it. Bad communication even among  family really sucks.

Besides that, I think that I didn’t do too bad for myself. Considering that I have absolutely NO MONEY for brand new clothes. I mean when a pair of pants is as expensive as they are now… and you don’t have the cash to buy them? Yeah, makes you wanna go live your life in sweatpants the rest of of your days.

But as we moved on to get food, I was in the check out lane with my sister ahead of me. Which turned out to be in my view’s advantage. The girl behind the cash register was probably the cutest I have seen in a month. She was so tiny, and looked so young that I began pondering the legality of even talking with this woman.

I realized though that it was a school day, and chances are that this was someone who was just looking mighty young for her age.

On the other hand, I never said word one to her. Except to say “Thank you, sweetie.” when she handed me my change and receipt.

Fucking idiot that I am!

After I got beyond the issue of “is she legal?” I still didn’t move because my sister and her four year old was RIGHT THERE!

Does a person flirt or hit on another person while family is around? I swear, someone from the female species needs to write up a frickin’ manual and hand it out to every male who is single.

And because of this, I missed my chance.

I simply think too much and too hard.


But all in all, I will not starve in this coming week. And I’ve got some really nice threads… don’t you think?



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