Stuck In The Distant Past

13623545350532113_a8a262463ed20b57ae663c5d1d076acb“Reunited and it feels so good” – yeah, what a load that was. Or would turn out to be.

Of course in today’s world music is so vastly different.

I think that people in general would agree that having a reunion between two people who have not seen each other in years would be a wonderful and amazing thing. It becomes fun to catch up with what was left inside the void of those years on both ends because honestly both parties are interested in hearing what has happened and how they got to where they are now.

Sometimes the “Ugly Duckling Turning Into A Swan” situation happens. When I see that some of the girls that were around me as a child got into their adulthood lives, its amazing to see how far they have come. But it shouldn’t be such a surprise that within a short amount of time, they end up getting married.


A few months ago, I ran into someone that I hadn’t spoken to since I was nine years old. That’s been a while — trust me!!!!

But I never thought her to be an ugly duckling. No! In fact I thought the opposite.

Dark brown hair, oceanic blue eyes like sapphires, a sparkling smile that even shined through the collection of metal braced across her teeth, and as an added bonus to those lofty late night dreams… a high school cheerleader. I can remember being stuck in my bedroom just daydreaming about her when I was supposed to be doing household chores or whatever.

But it seemed to be the end of that piping hot mess of a dream when she graduated high school and went off to college and I was still several years back. I honestly thought I would never see her again for as long as I lived.

Turns out that my honest thoughts would betray me.

When I had found her again in her adulthood years, everything just amplified. Physically speaking. Very much so still attractive.

And so on we went about doing that bit of trying to catch up with one another. Giving just the highlights of life because honestly, it had been far too long to go day by day by day by day for each year gone by.

She had a full life of ups and downs. No different from anyone else on the planet. I gave her my story after she gave me hers.

And then I did something that was so NOT like me as an adult that I even surprised myself. Hell, I’m alive still today to tell this tale.

I began to give her compliments on how she looked. I began to tell her quick stories about how I crushed over her from a distance when I was younger. And I complimented that she “hadn’t changed,” which honestly never does work.

The woman simply couldn’t see me though. All she knew was what little she could remember. And what she remembered was that little boy. She could not wrap around her mind that there was a possibility of me turning into a man, and having lusts and desires over ANY woman at all.

Growing up the way I did, didn’t help matters either. Quit worrying about what my parents did for a job and focus on ME, TODAY!!!

And yet her little brain was still stuck in the past. What a shame.

I’m not going to put up with that. Nor should I. If she can’t see me for who I am as an adult today in 2014, then to hell with that….. and with her.

No amount of physical beauty, physical wealth, or promise is worth it.



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