The Word Of The Professional



Here was a stunning thought today.

If anyone was to do a deep and long search about relationships and what not, they will eventually bump into a few “Relationship Professionals” who say that they are experts in relationships and sex. And they really want to help YOU with YOUR next relationship or even to help you prepare yourself so that you are ready for a relationship and are stable enough to begin one.

I’ve never really thought too much about this until today. But I checked around on a few of them.

The first thing that I saw was that some of these professionals are actually there to provide a service. So they are not willing to give up what they know for FREE.

Okay, that’s fine. A business is a business I get that. So then as I tumbled through the darkness deeper I noticed that there are no prices listed for any services. Regardless of how many times I had seen “CLICK HERE for prices.” It was nothing but bullshit. Instead, they encourage you to send them an e-mail with your inquiry and they will get back to you when THEY want, or can.

If they cannot list their prices on their websites…. chances are that a majority of the people who wish to legitimately use their services cannot afford it.

The next thing that I had noticed, and this is what sparked this post for the day, was some of these “relationship professionals” are neither married or in a relationship, but single & alone.


Wait a second, if you are not in a relationship… how should I expect to pay you money to put me into one???

Where is the expertise? Where is the professionalism? It all just seemed a little weird to me.

In as much as I told myself that I wanted a dating or relationship component in my life this year, I hadn’t thought about getting advice from these kinds of people. And I’m sure as hell not all that much willing to dish out money for it. I’m broke enough as it is. Regardless of whether they can help me find what I am looking for or whether they cannot.

But have some experience behind you at least!!!!



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