Blog Buddy Hook Up Into Hell



Much like any other blog or diary I have started in the past few years, I never really started out with a plan of attack. Never thought about how successful the adventure would be. I just thought that this would be something that I could do, for myself.

SEX AND THE WHEELCHAIR still could be considered fairly new, and already it has such response to it. Probably because of the title.

So I sit here and give you all the tales of my dating life, both past and present, and hopefully I am able to sit back and learn or someone else is going to find my words helpful for their own situations.

As I sat here viewing the blog in its small entirety, I had someone looking over my shoulder.

I wasn’t shy about it. But I did warn them that they might find something on here that they may or may not like. When they asked what the purpose of the blog was and I told them, they immediately went into hook up mode and gave me the phone number and name of this woman that they knew was recently single and was looking to date.

So what the hell, you know? You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

That omelet would come from the Devil’s Kitchen. And no, I am NOT talking about Gordon Ramsay.

In an effort to spare you some of the boring details, let me tell you what I was told about her and what was confirmed later on when I met this woman.

#1- Recently single, attractive, no children, looking to get back into the dating game, and super super horny that all it would take would be to look her in the eye and the bra and panties would go flying.

#2- Not a fan of the fancy settings for dates. McDonald’s and a movie rental gets her just the same.

So off I went, laying the ground rules that she was going to have to pick me up. I would pay for whatever activity we would do for the evening, but she would be the ride.

Within two hours, she showed up and I got into the vehicle and we took off down the highway at a very high rate of speed. Exits were missed, and I’m trying to get her to decide on whether or not to go do something or go somewhere and eat.

Before I knew it we were out of town and into the next county.

She took me to HER PLACE.

Then she excused herself to “tinkle” and left me to try to fend for myself around obstacles that I couldn’t pass by, plus these very large dogs that kept barking and howling at the stranger in the house.

She came out with her hair up in a ponytail. But she was an instant hue. I asked her if she had a collection of wigs and that explained why she went into the bathroom as a strawberry-blonde and out a dyed bleach blonde.

After staring at her for about ten seconds in the fog that had built up in my brain, our eyes caught. And sure enough…. off came the bra, and down went her shorts.

But I will tell you right now that nothing happened. In fact, I insisted that she put her clothes back on because I was not good with that. Even though she was in her own home and what not.

We ended up sitting on separate pieces of furniture and watching television for about an hour before we got back into her vehicle and she brought me home. It could have ended very differently. Thankfully it did not.

That kind of blind dating is probably not the safest for me to attempt just yet.

The buddy that hooked me up, wants to see if I would write about this experience in my blog or not. He guessed wrong as that is what I am doing.




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