You Are A Severe Asshole!

allaDearest admirer and fan of all awesome things that are in the world:

Yeah, I’m talking to you, Mr. Suave Commentator……. Mr. I Am Going To Say The Shittiest Things To A Woman And Still Demand A Response.

You and I have a few things in common that we find very sexy and attractive about women. I mean after all, if we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be commenting on the same photographs and videos of our favored kinds of women who all share in that glorious physical feature.

But you sir… are a complete and total asshole about it all!!!

It is because of YOU and recent actions and behavior from YOU that have occurred that not even “I” have the strength or the courage to simply talk to these kinds of women. It is because of YOU and YOUR running mouth, that makes these women skip town when all I have done is smiled at them and said hello.

And now you want to be just like the rest of the haters, just because she who is your idol has posted a very short video on YouTube which runs less than a minute in length of her kissing her significant other through the whole video while dancing in a circle to a lone saxophone musician??

You really have some big balls, don’t you?? How much did you pay for them??

What did you expect? That she was going to remain single and chaste until you finally reached that point where you are in the same room with her and that she would instantly fall in love with you and you would be happy forever and forever and ever?

What in the fuck is wrong with you??? The girl that we have a mutually fond admiration for is from RUSSIA!! You don’t speak anything more than English which is ill-fated high school levels at best, according to all of your typos and errors throughout time. And to the best of anyone’s knowledge she doesn’t even speak English at all. How were you going to make forever and forever work with that kind of language barrier?

So yeah, I’ve seen you around you jerk. Always fighting off the people who tell her to cut off her hair and to go bald or others who say other mean things just to get attention. You find yourself at the front lines of a battle that you weren’t even asked to join the fighting. And now here you sit defeated by a simple video uploaded to YouTube. NOW she’s a cunt? A whore? And a liar? I mean, really??

Wow. Talk about your pieces of work. And still I would gamble there’s still a chance that she’s not understood a single word you have been speaking to her all this time. So calling her names after making her your #1 social priority… yeah, we need to write songs and books about your technique on how to get women from foreign lands.

You steadily complain about how these evil guys who say mean things to her are ruining your chances at love. Well guess what now? You’re one of them.




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