I don’t know whether to go on a rampage or cry my eyes out. Or both??

I know that most men and their behavior stinks when they are amongst their own ranks. But for them to go public on a forum is … well, I don’t know…… Crazy? Stupid? Ballsy? Rude? Typical??

I don’t know believe it.. I just know that as a person in a wheelchair AND a male…. this pissed me off twice.

I didn’t even bother going through the entire list of pages of the forum’s posts. The more that I read, the angrier I became.

There’s nothing wrong with sexual attraction. None whatsoever.And there’s a certain point of victory when someone in a wheelchair is the recipient. But the comments left behind were so damned disgusting.

Have a peek:



2 thoughts on “Disgusting

  1. these comments are vile, i agree. when i read them it almost felt like it was a parody of awful things people might say. reading the forum is like eavesdropping on a particularly hateful group of bastards having a private hateful chat. feel so sorry that girl has to deal with things like that.

  2. I vote for going on a rampage then have a cry. It’s sad but this is not uncommon. People either joke about it or steer clear. I’m not that great looking but I don’t think I’m a monster either and I’ve been the recipient of “I can’t date you because you can’t have sex”. Really? Thank you for telling me that. All those years of marriage (we are divorced now) of having what I thought was sex… must be in my imagination!

    My response to such people: I’m sorry but “I can’t date you because you have “I’m a jerk” syndrome”.

    Thank you for noticing the disgust of such actions and speaking up about it.

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