Fuck You, I’m Not Swayze!



This shouldn’t even be a post. But its about to be!! 

Don’t be such a fucking pussy around me when it comes to the phrase “I love you” when it is said to you. If you are a person who does not know or is not comfortable with such kinds of expression, then perhaps you should shy away from the word in any sense of using it altogether. 

But don’t fucking cheapen my attempt to show you my affection and appreciation of you who you are by saying “Ditto” when I have just told you that I loved you. 

Fuck you, I am NOT Patrick Swayze!! 

That movie fucked up the English language of romance since it came out. 

Much like in “The Empire Strikes Back” when Princess Leia told Han Solo “I love you” and his response was “I know.” which wasn’t scripted. It was scripted that he was to reciprocate. But Harrison Ford changed it, and it became well known throughout film history.

Then GHOST with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze comes along and his “DITTO!” just fucked up everything. 

Hell… I wasn’t even 100% sure what ditto meant until I saw that film. Now I wished I never have. 

If you can’t handle the fact that I tell those who are close to me that I love them. And somehow you ARE one of those people? Then you just need to speak up and say that you have problems with expression or whatever and I’ll gladly never utter the phrase in your presence again. 

But don’t cheapen my loving sentiment through such a phrase by saying DITTO! or “Back at ya!” Quit being such a pussy and put on your big person’s underwear and release your diapered insecurity. Be an adult. Reciprocate or explain. 

And don’t be asking why I’m all upset and everything. Because there are grown MEN that even tell me “I love you, brother!” and they’ve got NO problems whatsoever and there’s nooooooooo threat or intimidation of them being gay about it. 

If MEN can do it… you can do it. If you feel the care and concern as most humans do,  and I tell you that I love you, be an adult about it. 

Otherwise, I’m done with it— and most likely will be eventually done with YOU! 


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