Do Only One Thing

iggy 4


Okay so guys listen up. 

If you read the previous post about the MILF’s then I will tell you that one of them called me just out of the blue the other night and willingly spoke to me for almost an hour. And I was talking about how I just wanted to make her smile and her response was “Why do you think I called?”

We continued our conversation about just how simple it is to make the day into complete and total perfection for a woman that can be easily done by a man. 

Ready for this valuable information???

Do ONE simple thing for her. Just one thing. And it doesn’t even have to be something so expensive or time consuming. Do one simple thing that will let her know that you are thinking about her. 

An e-mail that tells her something. A text message that you are daydreaming about her. A quick voice mail on her busy cell phone that is turned off so that she is not distracted by the ringing during her important part of the day or work.

So I took these things into consideration and tested them out on one of the two MILF’s and a new MILF that crossed my path. (Note: the MILF from Canada takes things too literal and so… she’s out.) 

The original MILF, I sent a text message in the morning… saying that the skies were clear and the sun was bright but not as bright as she is. It wasn’t much but she LOVED IT! So much did she love it that she expressed herself back in reciprocation in ways that I had never heard her speak to me before. 

The new MILF I randomly sent a text message to, saying that I could swim in her blue eyes forever. Which is borderline everything in the book …. but you know what??? It made her pay attention to me for the rest of the afternoon until she had no other choice but to end the conversation. But quickly invited me to contact her later. 

One thing guys. Only do one thing. 

Give her a LOVE BOMB if you feel so inclined. 

The thing about it, is that she’s going to see that she’s been on your mind for at least 30 seconds and she’s going to take that into consideration and feel wanted, desired, and appreciated. 

And oh, the bonus points you’ll end up receiving unknowingly. They will remember and they will reward. 

So remember: Do only one thing to capture her attention. And then go from there. 


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