Belle Knox Story Is Boring



So allow me for a few moments of your reading time and your life to address this “Duke University Porn Star” that has been going on and on and on recently.

Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox, is a teenager who is attending classes at Duke University made the decision by herself to do porn films in order to pay off her school. She did so quietly and anonymously. Until one of her classmates recognized her in one of her roles. And then here we go with the blackmail and the death threats and whatever else there was that was just both uncool and unnecessary.

So she came out … on her own …. that she was the infamous Bell Knox of the adult porn industry.

Sounds like to me, she pulled her own plug on this one with that decision she made. single_117-647852IMG_2432

Ironically while I was researching for this post I had found a few scenes from her “adult film career” and its no different from any other woman on camera without her clothes. In other words, it just didn’t do anything for me personally. But then again porn to me is useless. It has no power over me.

And I’m not one here to tell this woman what to do because why do I care? I do not know her and she doesn’t come from my loins nor pays any of my bills. So to her decision to do porn… whatever!

But honestly thinking about this: A college education is actually expensive when you finally get done with everything. Depending on your field and area of study. Now she’s looking at a debt of AT LEAST $60,000 or more for everything she’s ever going to do during her college education.

Someone please tell me. How much money does a female performer get paid in the adult porn industry in the year 2014???? And taking that amount of money into consideration… how many films must Miriam make in order to pay off a debt of let’s just say $60,000??

And so what is she studying? Does anyone know? And so what is wrong with her getting this thing called a J-O-B to pay off debt? Millions of people do so every stinking day.

On a feminist website, Weeks was quoted to say:

“I am not ashamed of porn. On the contrary, doing pornography fulfills me. That said, I vehemently want to have my privacy respected — and I ask that anyone who knows my real name respect the fact that I am only discussing this publicly because it was made a public matter when I was confronted by a fraternity member who chose to tell hundreds of other men in the Greek scene.” 

Okay so let me get this straight. You know you are about to have a huge debt for college. You wanna do PORN to pay for that debt and you do so quietly.

Then someone finds you out. And in an effort to kill the fires…. you OUT  YOURSELF and confess to being the actress in question.

And you want privacy?

Honey, are you looking to have your cake and eat it too? Because if you do, your bound to choke on it. If you wanted privacy, you should have kept quiet. But you chose not do to that.

EVERY CHOICE HAS A CONSEQUENCE. This is yours sweetie!!

So we have yet another story of some backwards chick wanting to do porn to make a flashy quick dollar and who knows if she’s really getting what she wants. I would doubt it, but I’m not her financial advisor nor her banker. And I don’t care.


But this story about college student going into porn to pay for college has been going on for ages and ages and ages and ages… decades upon decades… countless scores of women (and I am sure, men) going into this dark business to line their pockets. And look what it got them???

Others have been successful at it and never once was mentioned in the media. Because they didn’t say a fucking word about it. If you lead on like you don’t care and don’t give in, then we wouldn’t be having this woman flooding our Internet today as we speak.

I am sure that Duke University is just “loving” the attention you just gave them.

Call me when you cure cancer or something instead of having this grand idea of paying for college with a career in pornography.


One thought on “Belle Knox Story Is Boring

  1. She’s a typical person of her age – living in a fantasy world, filled with ideas of what she’ll do. Everyone does that. I think she really stepped in it, unfortunately. It was way too much for her to handle and now she’s paying the price.

    The one fact that I think everyone is glossing over is slut shaming is supported by the porn industry. Slut factor sells. Go ahead and Google ‘slut’ and ‘xxx’ and see what happens! How can you expect men to watch porn marketed like that and have them NOT want to slut shame the actresses? The porn industry is rife with hypocrites! That’s just the way it is! It’s all about the money and slut shaming goes with it – regardless of how vile and disgusting the shaming is. Market it differently and maybe there would be less harassment after a long while. However, would they make the same money?

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