Time Is Not Enough

beautiful model

Sometimes even eight years is just not enough.

Does anyone remember a time back when the only thing that was virtually around that would be considered social networking was MySpace??

I remember the necessity for having TWO accounts full of “Friends” on MySpace. Mainly because my girlfriend at that time was so insecure that she couldn’t stand the fact that I got along better socially with other women than I did with men.

So in order to have “friends” was the necessity of a second account. And yet I never used that “other account” to cheat or to talk behind my girlfriend’s back. It was just to socialize with other people that I had a common interest– who happened to be female.

But then when Facebook came along, it all changed. And I remember attempting to transplant all of the MySpace contacts over to Facebook. But I missed a few.

One in particular that I was able to take over was from Pensacola, Florida.

And I know I’ve written about that city before but this is a different person and Pensacola is a big city.

Her “being in a relationship” curbed anything that I may or may not have wanted. I was just learning at that point in time that sometimes its just better to be friends with women rather than to always go after the relationship and see whether or not I fail or pass.

I was having this light-hearted conversation with Pensacola just last night via Facebook and I didn’t really keep much of a distance. In fact I mentioned that the distance between her and I was too much and that I felt something should be done about it. All of which received no direct response to.

I was taking a risk. I was taking that step to see whether or not I could put my hand in the fire and come out of it without burns.

And then it struck me! She and I had known about each other and had been in communication with one another via MySpace and/or Facebook for nearly TEN YEARS!!

Damn. I don’t think that there’s many people that can claim that. I have a penpal that I am still writing to that got started in 2002. But anything more than that… I don’t think anyone else has survived for whatever reason or another.

Almost ten years with this beauty! Fuck!!

So as I pushed and pushed the boundaries to see where it would land, she began the responses of departure and I wanted to know if I could ask her something.

I asked her for her cell phone number, that way we could use text messages to talk and communicate.


I received some bullshit paragraph as to why and she admitted to having a cell phone and blah blah blah. But the longer it took her to respond to my request … then I knew the chances were greater and greater for being turned down.  And I was.

Incredible, ladies and gentlemen.

I guess even if you have been in communication with someone for nearly an entire decade, it still is not enough.

I had since then attempted to go back into MySpace but those bungholes lost my passwords. So I can’t sign into either of them. Oh well. Do I really need those people that got left behind? No. Because I couldn’t even convert HALF of those contacts that I remembered to Facebook when I was making the change.

MySpace has returned to his musician’s glory in the first place.

And we as a society continue on with Facebook and Google+.




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