Banging Like A Rock Star



I love how it happens whenever I go out to a club to listen to live music. One can never really know what is in store for them with other bands that are on the bill. And I firmly believe that is why you sometimes hear “Stick around for _____.” And honestly, you never know, you might like the music ahead and after the bands you are there to listen to. 

It seems to happen to me every time I go out. I end up liking ONE MORE band! 

But last year I got stuck on a band from another country. And they had come back to town only this last September. I had hoped that they would remember me. And the lead singer (female) kind of remembered. Her dates were wrong but she remembered where. 

I hung out with her and her entourage and band for much of the night and spoke to a few of them in Spanish as best I could. And then suddenly it turned into an invitation to continue the party at the hotel. 

Well one thing leads to another and I’m staying with the lead singer all night in her hotel suite and it was fabulous. Next thing I knew the bonding of flesh and sweat commenced and the trading of fluids was in great supply. All freaking night long. 

I was amazingly still awake when the sun rose. So was she. Drinking our hearts out with Tequila and other liquor. I’m surprised that we didn’t throw up on one another. 

I was given a taxi home and she paid for it. I begged her to come back to town and I was promised that she would with a wink in her eye and a smile. 

Freakin’ red flags!! Those winks have got to go. OR someone needs to give me a class on what exactly winks mean and what they are exactly meant for. 

But I returned home to actually find her on Facebook in which I thought was a miracle and a half!! And she added me to her Friends List. And I backed off some and watched as she’s spent several months in either New Jersey or New York playing in venues there. 

Tonight I was a little different. I brought the EP that I was given in September and had her autograph it. I took photos of her and I together and then she had her people take more photographs of her and I together. And then I started to speak in Spanish to her which was a surprise. She thought that all this time on Facebook that I was using a translation website to be able to speak to her in Spanish. 

Umm. No.

It got loud and I ended up buying one more t-shirt from her merchandise table. More photographs were taken and then we took off to be alone because the bar was too damned noisy. 

As it turned out… the setting was just private enough that we returned to our previous activities that we engaged in last September. Almost as if we never stopped. We did have to begin over again, and that was fine by me as I watch her sink to her knees before me to begin with. 

I slammed the brakes on the wheelchair and just let be what was going to be. And then we finished with our usual swap and then some kissing and light making out before she screamed “AWWW SHIT!! STAGE TIME BABY!”

She kind of just left me there and I composed everything back to the way it was and settled back into my own clothing, which was the original t-shirt that I received in September. But now with the new one, I wore both of them at the same time and in the photographs I look horrendously fat. 

Not fair.gutiarThe band after her crawled into the bar and I was curious about them as well. So I figured I would stay for the two acts and then split and get the hell out of downtown at night. 

The second band she was so cute with her pigtails in her hair and her grossly faded out dyed red hair. As a matter of fact, I think I counted four different shades of color for her hair. 

Before she even got up on stage, before the first band that I originally came to see got on stage, I rolled on over to THEIR merch table. And tore it up again. My poor fucking wallet to a huge hit tonight. ($30 for a fucking t-shirt. Really?)

And then during the last number of the band that was on stage at that time, we had to yell in each other’s ears to communicate before rolling back down that same hallway that I was just in. 

I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I THINK that’s where the restrooms were. Or at least in that general direction. I just know that’s not where I had just come from nor was it where I was going with this pigtailed cutie. 

I would touch and acknowledge her existence before me and it triggered something because she sank to her knees as well before my slick athletic pants was ripped off my bony legs.Sylvia_Saint_003

Two musicians, two lead singers, two girls close to my “height” when I am in the wheelchair. Two consenting women going after it in one night. Then after all of that I crawled out thought I had to be the luckiest piece of shit on the planet. Or at least in town. 

The original lead singer kept engaging me with her eyes while on stage. The pigtailed gal did not look at me while on stage at all.

I actually gave the original girl a dozen red roses and she lost her mind. She just didn’t know what to say, except to give me a hug. Her entourage was looking on. So I guess that there was nothing she could do, even if she wanted to do something.

But I think that even before all of this I probably should find out whether or not she has a significant other. That probably would have been the best thing to do. All I know is that its too late now, for the both of them. They both had a taste of me and I had a piece of both of them, and I took my fill of both.

The rest of the week, I probably won’t be as lucky at all. But shit… considering how long its been? I’m not complaining. 


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