Waitress Woes



The past week has been such a blur. But a very happy blur. I honestly cannot complain much.

The only set back I had was when I went to a bar to watch a band play live that I follow. And I found this absolutely cute chick serving drinks at the cash bar of the venue. Her smile and her upbeat and positive attitude was more than enough to get my attention. Not to mention the whole snag that they have by using terms of endearment towards customers.

After the band played I kept thinking about her but I didn’t have the guts or courage to turn a round. Finally I convinced myself into it. I talked myself into at least saying hello again and introducing myself and see if she would give me her name. After all, it was SXSW Festival, people were having fun, the mood was wonderful.

It worked. She smiled and we traded introductory pleasantries. Shook hands and everything. Then she was off to serve another drink or get someone change or something.

We caught one another singing to the songs playing over their speaker system as the next band on their tiny stage was setting up. It was all good and fun.

I turned around one more time after feeling the rush of courage to ask her for a photograph only to find her face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. She complained of it being bright inside because the windows were wide open and the sun bearing down on the venue.

It almost threw me but I still was able to ask if it was okay to take her photograph. She agreed to it. Then I told her that what I really wanted was a photograph of her and I together. And thought I had screwed up. But she agreed to that too.


Like I said, everything and everyone was in a great mood. There could be no harm in taking a photograph.

Two snaps were taken. One of her with the sunglasses on and one without. I finally found a piece of paper trash on the floor as the next band started to rock out the place.

I wrote down my name and asked her to find me on Facebook. I gave her my cell phone number and suggested she text me. And then I wrote at the bottom of the note that I was looking for good friends.

I have no idea whether or not this woman is single. But there was no way that I was going to find out if I hadn’t done or said something.

I handed her the note and then I left, fearing that public rejection. I also felt like she may or may not throw away the note that I just gave her right in my face so I said farewell to her and earlier I had promised that I would return to the bar at another time and she sounded happy. But I think that’s just common club talk.

I got home and then the following morning I worked on getting those photographs that I took of the band that I was there to listen to uploaded on my computer, as well as the bar maid. I was totally excited about that!

And then I messed it all up. I ended up doing the wrong thing and then 60+ photographs of the day’s adventure were deleted and gone and there was nothing I could do to retrieve them.

Since then, I’ve been half tempted to go back for two reasons:

#1- Because I said that I would.
#2- In hopes to take another set of photographs with the bar maid to replace what I lost.

But SXSW Festival is over. The mood of happy fun stuff could be more than finished. But that’s just random garbage running through my head. And would she actually be that willing to pose yet again for photographs?

I had given her my contact information, showing that there was a definite interest in her. But she never contacted me. And I don’t know why that is, and I am not going to ruin my brain power trying to figure out why women won’t talk or contact me.

She probably has no interest in me. And that is actually okay.

I wanted to go back the next day but my apartment manage made his case that it seemed desperate.

Now the question is SHOULD I go back, at all???

What do you think? Leave your opinions/comments in the comment section below.



One thought on “Waitress Woes

  1. Take your time in going back. I’m a lesbian bartender who looks girly and chatting to the guys helps with the tips. Getting numbers is common too, along with drunken abuse. If she really was interested she would contact within 2-3 day mark. Most of my fellow coworkers just throw out the number usually because
    A. not much time for a social life that’s convenient for everyone else doing a normal job.
    B. a lot are just having fun in this industry either in fully committed relationships or not wanting to be in one for a super long time due to A. or the following possibility of
    C. you seem like a creep or a dickhead and unfortunately this is a case for a lot of people after the alcohol starts to get the confidence in.

    hopefully she gets back but maybe don’t ask for photos of the bartenders unless they’re skimpy bartenders… it seems a little creepy.

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