That’s What You Get


In the not so distant past, I crossed a path with a pin-up redheaded model who claims to be originally from the great state of California.

Things did NOT move well. They did NOT move quickly. Instead I found myself only talking to her in a one-on-one conversation simply because SHE was bored.

Geez, thanks a lot!!

But I stuck it out a little while longer. Not long though.

I joined her social networking sites. Every last one of them. Found out that she had photographs for sale. I also found out that she had a photo shoot session coming soon (at the time) and it was close by. I said something along the lines of meeting up with her and saying hello at the airport and then letting her go on her way.

Airports. VERY public. Full of people. Security don’t take shit from any one it seems any more.  So why not?

The burning core that started the flame that turned into the inferno that was the end of all ties with her began to glow.

3×5 photographs – $25, unsigned. Costs more if you want it signed. Poster sizes – $40 and up. Unsigned.

What the living hell? I could get a top rate model who gets paid MILLIONS of dollars a year and buy an unsigned poster for less than that.

So I asked why things were so high. I ended up getting the snobby model stereotype of an answer. It was one of the worst feelings in the world.

SHE was the pin-up… I was nothing but the fan. Holier than thou.

Then she explained that she didn’t live in California but grew up there. She was married to a man in the military and she is now stationed close by with her husband, but he’s always gone.

When she confessed that she had been talking/chatting with me for as long as she had been just because she was bored and her children were taking a nap….. I lost ALL interest in her.

How much more rude can you get?

Apparently, there was room for improvement.

She whined and she complained and she cried and she bitched about people being terribly mean to her, via her social networking sites. She kept changing her profile photograph, probably every 6-18 hours. And then sought out the compassion and pity of her thousands of people who were following her. Each and every time she had a boo-boo on her thumb or toe, she would cry and whine about it, and EXPECT people to love her in spite of her physical pain from the superficial injury she sustained.

I guess she just could not see that most if not all of the anguish that she felt most days were because of her own actions.

Then I saw that some other people were supportive of her. I WARNED them that she was actually married. But they didn’t care about it. So I left them to whatever they were going to do, and usually that meant that I would see them coddle the clumsy cow whenever she made an effort to bitch on her social networking sites.

Not something I’m going to do. To each their own. These guys KNOW she is married and all they wanna do is make her a notch.

To this day she continues her deadly game of crying wolf whenever she stumps her toe.

And now (as a model) she wants to go to Disneyland to participate in some major pin-up model event being hosted there.  But she wants other people to help pay for it.

She’s attempting to raise $1,000 on a popular fundraising site. Even in her description she makes a mention that she missed some event that happened earlier in Las Vegas (again whining and crying) and didn’t want to miss the event in Disneyland.

Hold on a second. Let’s think about this and let’s compare:

I did the same thing when I wanted to go to a sledge hockey tournament in Boston this year. I did not even reach 20% of the goal and never went to the tournament. I have NO job, NO extra money to supplement my income, and NO spouse or significant other to help out.

She has her pin-up modeling career as her job, and she can supplement her job with the totally expensive photography that she has of herself. AND a husband who is a member of the United States military and receiving a pay check.

Both campaigns based on desire, not necessity.

Anyone else see the ridiculousness?

So even those people that I know who are supportive of her are sharing along her fundraising site.

It has been posted less than a half of a day at this point, and still its been shared over 30 times throughout various sites, and has not received a single donation.

That just speaks volumes…… doesn’t it????


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