Waitress Woes II: The Return And Finale


So this blog post is basically to serve for some closure for me. And nothing else.

And yes I shall admit that many of you had told me to either take my time returning to the venue or like most of you, had suggested… even warned … for me to never return to the place where this bar maid was that treated me well.

Happy times, flowing beer, great music during the SXSW Festival  and taking a few photographs, only to lose them.

Do I leave it alone? No. I instead give the girl my phone number and contact information and was hoping for the best.

The best never happened. And I would go back nearly six weeks later to the same place.

I had not really thought about it until I found myself in communication with someone who was running their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They of course wanted repeat business. I wanted justice by taking more photographs of the bar maid to replace what I had lost.

But I knew that there would be a chance that she would say “no” and deny the thought. And I was prepared for it.

Yet going back and forth and back and forth with whomever it was on Twitter, fueled the fire to want to return, so when I knew that I was going to be going out any way, I decided that I would go out early and hit the place again with hopes to see the bar maid once more and possibly get what I was looking for.

Am I sounding pathetic yet?

The establishment opened at 4:oo PM. I showed up around 5:15 PM. I was told that she would be there. But I was not told when. Turns out she was not going to be there until about 9:00 PM in the evening, and that sucked because I had somewhere else to go.

So I sat there and drank my favorite draft beverage until I started to sway back and forth. Shoved some expensive ass food into my gullet and sobered up and took off. Everyone there, inviting me to come back while she was working. Even tried to sweeten the deal to inform me that later in the night there would be live music by someone so cute, but everyone would have to be on their best behavior because the woman’s parents were going to be there.

I left… attempting to sober up more and not get caught by local authorities that I was out and about on their precious downtown sidewalks with a bit of alcohol in my system. I went for the main purpose of my adventure and attempted to not look back, not to obsess about the bar maid that had not quite made it to work.

It worked until about 10:00 PM. My body totally sober, my wallet getting thinner and thinner by the minute because my allowance was disappearing into thin air. So in order to save myself, I left early and disappointing everyone that I was with in the process.

And I literally went back to the venue where the bar maid was SUPPOSED to now be at work.

More fucking issues with their elevator and then I popped in. And there she was. She smiled a little and said hi. I ordered my draft drink and to my surprise she walked out from behind the bar and personally stood right next to me and handed me the drink.

As she walked back behind the bar, I argued with her a little bit because I tried to pay for the drink but she refused. Then stated that she remembered me from SXSW.

Well…. that’s a start.

I mentioned that I had fun at that time, but the bad thing was that I had lost all of those photographs that I had taken, telling her that several hundred photographs were lost that day due to human error. And that’s all I was going to say. It was hinged on her response to see what was going to happen.

She said “Aww. That sucks!” and then walked away to serve a drink to another customer.

That for me was it. That was the end. I believed that this woman was not going to be so willing to take photographs with as she was before. That’s the signal I got. And so I sat back with my beverage and attempted to save face a little bit and enjoy the ambiance.

But as I attempted to make small talk, I was ignored. Time after time after time after time after time. No matter what was going on, if she stopped to breathe between doing her work duties, or serving customers, or whatever… she ignored me every time I spoke up and opened my mouth. She went to the one side of me and served drinks. Then horned in on their conversation for a while before she came back to the other side of me and did the same exact same thing with customers there.

Customers to the left and customers to the right were getting more service than I was for certain.

The one and only time where she came to me was when she finally saw the pint glass before me completely empty from beer and full of nothing but air and bubbles.

By that time,  I was turned off by the whole idea that I had left where I was having fun. And was wishing that there was something that I could say or something that I could do to distract me from this obvious notion that this woman was avoiding me like the Black Plague.

I realize she has other customers to tend to and that she has other tasks and duties to fulfill her job. But fuck…. this was insane. And I kept making excuses for her, stating that she was just kept busy.

It was after 11:00 PM. The live music had started and it wasn’t the kind of music that I like. Neither was the music in the entire bar when I was there earlier that afternoon. Musically speaking, its not for me.

I didn’t have enough money to buy more food from their kitchen. Especially when a chili dog costs $9.00!

I just pushed away from the bar and sat in the middle of the floor and watched the cutie on the bar stool strum away at her guitar. I took a few photographs of her but they didn’t turn out too flattering for her sake.

Then I returned to the bar and I saw that the bar maid was mixing a drink. I didn’t even bother with asking, I shouted “SMILE!!” and I had my camera ready. She looked up to see that I was ready to snap a shot then turned back to her drink that she was making and then puckered up for “duckface” and flashing the peace symbol.

Totally unflattering in my personal opinion. But then again I cannot stand duck face/peace sign… I think it looks really stupid. And there she was doing it herself!

Totally turned off, unhappy, and annoyed I went to the other employees of the venue that I had met that afternoon and said that I was leaving. They made a big stink about how it was still early BUT I was more than welcomed to return any time I wanted to and that they appreciated me coming in. Yeah ……… and giving them my money!! They said that if I had any problem trying to find a taxi that I should come back upstairs and let them know.

Not with elevator problems, screw that. Plus I was trying to leave.

Then the bar maid asked me personally if I was leaving. I told her “Yeah, I need to get home before the buses stop running. It will be expensive to take a cab home. And besides, you’re busy and what not.”

What happened next …. disgusted me to the core of my soul.

She said, “Yeah I do pretty good to look busy when I really am not.” I asked her if that meant that she was faking it and she nodded her head. My mouth opened up again and nearly got my ass into trouble but I asked her if by chance she was ignoring me and she nodded her head again with smirking little grin on her face as if to say “HA! I GOT YOU GOOD!”

Next stop: Angerville, right next to Pissed Off City.

What the living fuck?!??!?

I left. Caught a bus and got home before 12:30 AM. Irritated as shit.

So all in all I did actually take my time to return. And I got let down because of my expectations that this woman was not going to be such an intentional cow.

On a positive note, the beer that she served was in fact FREE to me. Who knows what it would have cost at 11:00 PM??

But the attitude of her coupled with the elevator issues…. I shall NEVER go back again!! Unless there’s a band playing there and the chances of that are slim.

This is what I get for not listening.