No, Not All Men


I wanted to wait long enough for this story to calm down just long enough so that I could throw in my own two cents on the situation.

We all know who this guy is. We all know what he did. And we all know what kind of aftermath it swept up in the process.

The thing that got to me was the #YesAllWomen campaign that was supposed to take place on Twitter. This thing spilled over into pretty much EVERYTHING and started this riot act.

Well guess what? Not ALL women. And no not ALL men either.

Let me tell you a story.

Back during the days of high school, I probably could have related to this guy very distinctively and very directly. I had no women who wanted to date me, no girlfriend, no females hanging out with me. And even though I did ask girls out, they always said no. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS.

Did it make me feel good? No, of course not. Did it frustrate me? Most definitely!

Did I kill these women because they rejected me? NOT AT ALL.

By the time I was 17 or 18, I was sick of hearing “No” from girls in high school. It got to the point where it happened so much that even TODAY in the 21st Century, I anticipate the answer to be “No” even when I’ve not given the woman a fair chance to speak her mind.

And of course when she says “Yes” I immediately wonder whether or not she’s sick or if she is just teasing or whatever.

This guy in California basically had things fucked up in his head. He thought that having a BMW, designer clothes and accessories, and being a part of a wealthy family should have gotten him laid so much that he couldn’t keep up with all of the girls. But instead, the exact opposite happened for him. He got NOTHING.

At age 22, he was still a virgin. And he was definitely whining and bitching about it. Instead of going and doing something about it, he blamed WOMEN for the fact that he still had his virginity.

I guess that we all can be grateful that he didn’t go out and rape and assault women, but at the same time he deliberately blamed OTHERS for his problems and misfortunes and failed to see the problem within himself.

When I kept seeing that woman after woman kept rejecting me, I eventually got to the point of asking “Is it me??” and then attempted to do something about it to correct the situation. But the damage in high school for me was already done. There wasn’t going to be anyone that would say “Yes” in high school. And that was just the cold, harsh reality of it.

This guy however, gets through high school somehow, goes to a local community college and then lusts after everything he sees and then blames others for his misery when the rest of the world is having fun.

Yes, I think the guy was nuts. I think the guy did have a “holier than thou” attitude when it came to women and most other men. And I think that he had some major issues that never got addressed that would have helped him.

But you know what? This guy blaming “blonde sluts” for the fact that he was still a virgin was beyond ridiculous. If you have seen any of his YouTube videos, he explains that he feels its everyone else’s problem but not his own. And he just cannot see why people do not like him in general. Then he shows his own ass.

If this guy was so “well off” then why didn’t he just go nail a hooker or better yet, grab the nearest bottle of lotion or vaseline?? No… he wanted sex with a woman and he wasn’t getting what he wanted- so he acted like a spoiled child and blamed THEM for it. But then his lowered mental state kicked in and HE was the one that decided that these people were going to be “punished” for it and that these people (particularly the women and most definitely the women that rejected him) actually DESERVED what he was going to do to them, which was end their lives.


My point is that I was generally in the same situation as he was in when I was in high school. And I had the same anger and frustration with girls. BUT I NEVER LAID A FINGER ON THEM IN ANY ACT OF VIOLENCE OR REVENGE!!!! So don’t tell me “all men” and “all women” … don’t even start. The fact that I never harmed any of the women that rejected me, is what disconnects me from this whacko.

Whether it was misogyny or mental illness or whatever the case, he made his choices. And clearly he chose a destructive and violent path which led to his own death. I’m still waiting to get confirmation that he ventilated his own skull or not. There are reports of him shooting it out with police.

Again, I want to point out that I chose something else. I chose another way to deal with everything. I didn’t just go balls out and decided to kill anyone and everyone just because I was rejected by them.

I would in fact eventually get over the pain of rejection. And now… many years later, come to find out that I am actually living BETTER on my own, as a single man than these women lived their lives to be where it is today in 2014.

What a shock.


One thought on “No, Not All Men

  1. That kid was lost in his own noggin. It’s sad what happened to all parties involved. Some people just cant get a grip. I’m glad you turned out alright.

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