A Bird With No Bloody Bloke


This is Natasha Goldsmith from Exeter, England.

She is a 29 year old woman who apparently has no other kind of life but to collect Hello Kitty merchandise and collectibles.

It started for her when she was a child when she claimed her first piece of collectibles 15 years ago. Now, almost $100,000 (in U.S. dollars) and that many years later, her pieces number into the tens of thousands.

I have seen many interviews of her “Kitty Kingdom” online and some of the Internet articles are daring to ask the question why is it so difficult for her to find a boyfriend.

Well… let’s see.

Living in a ONE bedroom flat and you got shit everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE!! And it is all Hello Kitty. Yes…. I do wonder why it is so difficult for her to find a boyfriend.

But I’ve seen conflicting attitudes come from this collector. In one interview she’s sad she is all alone and sad that she does not have someone to love. In a second interview, she’s sad that she is all alone however she’s standing by her collection. And even still in another interview after that, she says that if men cannot handle her collection — that’s their problem and not hers and therefore they just need to stay away.

And in other videos that I have seen she tries to come off like she’s not that insane because not everything that is in her collection is something that she bought herself. Even though she has admitted to dropping that much money on her stuff. She claims over and over and over again how other people that she’s met throughout the years have given her stuff as gifts. And that may be true, but I do not think that it is to the extent that she would want us to believe in her videos.

Okay, little miss princess with the plastic Hello Kitty tiara upon your grown ass adult head….. you cannot have it all. Which is it??

Somewhere along the line, her life forgot to tell her that it was time to grow up.

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with collecting stuff. But when you live your entire life within your collection… there’s something missing upstairs. Perhaps that money would have been better spent on a therapist or something. Who knows for sure!

Living inside of your collection and hobby is NOT a safe place to be.


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