Need A Judge’s Decision


So I am not exactly 100% sure on what to think about it. There is however a situation between myself and some colleagues that I know. The debate is over the fact that porn star Faye Reagan had been known to have been engaged in real life, and that she did not perform anal sex on camera.

Well now the stories are that she broke up with the fiancee and she is now single.

These colleagues of mine went ape shit.

Suddenly their plans have changed. Their lives have changed to now they feel that they have a shot with this actress.

Right away, two totally opposite sides to this matter come to mind. One being that this is a porn star and these guys don’t know a damn thing about her, other than what they’ve seen on video or on film. They don’t know what she’s like when the cameras are off. They just know that they LOVE what they see on screen!

But then the smaller voice comes up and says that anything is possible. And I honestly do believe in that. The other parts are that one never knows what could truly happen. It just seems as if the odds of this pairing are so low that its already on a course for disaster.

I could not tell you what would be right and what would be wrong in this case.


The one part of me wants to slap these men across the backs of their heads, wondering what they are thinking. What actually makes them think that they can meet this porn star and just live happily ever after? Do they not realize that her career means that she’s going to be engaging in sex with OTHER men??

I personally don’t think that would be something that I could deal with mentally. The thought of knowing that my girlfriend or wife was making a living by sleeping with a bunch of other people. But I guess it does work for some people.

I don’t know how long this porn star has been single in her relationship status. But anything can happen. These guys will have to quit doing everything that they are doing here and go to California if they actually want a shot at this to happen. Even if it fails in the end. And for whatever reason, it sounds as if that is their plan. If they wanna drop everything and move to California, then so be it.


Sex Ban


The 2014 World Cup is coming to an end soon. And I’m sure its had its favorable and most memorable moments. I’ve not been paying that much attention. I never really do until the end any way.

But consider this very strange and odd fact: Players are banned from engaging in sex during the World Cup. Other teams forbid their players from having sex the night before a game. And some just outright restrict it throughout the tournament’s entirety. And usually the World Cup lasts a full month!!

Can you imagine being told you cannot have sex for a month, for the sake of this idea that players will perform better?

It is happening. And it is really strange. For some it will work. For losing teams, they will just go home frustrated as hell and probably let off some steam– IF you know what I mean!!!

Crazy.  But true.

I remember hearing about the German team who was restricted from having sex a few years ago. But its not just the Germans, its other teams in on this sex ban as well.

What do you think of this ban? Do you think it is a good idea? Do you think it enhances a player’s performance or is it just fluff??