Sex Ban


The 2014 World Cup is coming to an end soon. And I’m sure its had its favorable and most memorable moments. I’ve not been paying that much attention. I never really do until the end any way.

But consider this very strange and odd fact: Players are banned from engaging in sex during the World Cup. Other teams forbid their players from having sex the night before a game. And some just outright restrict it throughout the tournament’s entirety. And usually the World Cup lasts a full month!!

Can you imagine being told you cannot have sex for a month, for the sake of this idea that players will perform better?

It is happening. And it is really strange. For some it will work. For losing teams, they will just go home frustrated as hell and probably let off some steam– IF you know what I mean!!!

Crazy.  But true.

I remember hearing about the German team who was restricted from having sex a few years ago. But its not just the Germans, its other teams in on this sex ban as well.

What do you think of this ban? Do you think it is a good idea? Do you think it enhances a player’s performance or is it just fluff??


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