Taking The Hint That It Is Over


The slightest of interruptions during the afternoon of a simple knock on the door led to one of the largest emotional roller coaster rides ever imagined.

A large parcel was being delivered and its magnificent size was too large to fit inside the mailbox.

It was unusually light in weight and disproportionate for its size.

I didn’t spend a lot of time dwelling in mystery and intrigue, I simply opened up the box.

The contents within were simple. Every piece of correspondence that I had ever written to this person was inside this box. Including packages, photographs of myself, and postcards. And of course all the letters ever carefully thought out and planned before mailing to them.

The only item that was in addition was a piece of notebook paper which had drawn sad faces in various places, and in the center was written “amistad esta terminado.” and a P.S. which read “I’m keeping the jewelry and the t-shirt.”

It was over. What I had with this woman came to her decision to end it. However small or big the relationship was. And at the time it was merely a mutual relationship to be penpals.

The very next day, my latest letter that had been sent to her and awaiting a response was “refused: return to sender.”

Phone calls were either unanswered or hung up in my face in the most rude of ways.

The signs were all there. She was done being friends. I was still stuck in confusion trying to sort things out when the dust wouldn’t clear.

The answers never came. I have no idea what caused her to to change her mind. I just knew that she was finished completely finished with corresponding with me through letters and other mailed items.

Things kinds of things always come and go. Nobody is immune to it. But the difficult part of it all is recognizing the signs of impending death and doom of the relationship before it hits rock bottom and falls to pieces.

Some relationships can be saved. Others are just broken beyond repair. And with those broken relationships, it isn’t worth searching for the black box. Instead it would be easier to just walk away from the piles of wreckage and live strong for another day. They weren’t meant to be in your life any more. Life is cruel. Life is a lesson. Depending on how you view it.

My biggest confusion was that she was willing to send back everything that had my name on it. Everything that I had ever given to her. Everything that had my name attached to a memory. But she KEPT the t-shirt and jewelry I had given her. And that didn’t make sense.

Other than she was selfish?

Are you able to read the signs? Are you able to see them coming ahead? And most importantly, are you recognizing them as red flags and problems within your relationships and… are they problems that can be fixed or are they problems which turn into nails in your coffin?

How do you deal with it???


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