The End Of The Latin Cougar


History has a way of repeating itself. Even if you are taking the alternate path to try and avoid having it be repeated. History just seems to find a way in my world.

The Latin Cougar around here (after finding out more about her) eventually turned into something no longer something to be desired. This hunt is OVER!

Even though there was plenty of signs of affection towards me in personal ways that went unnoticed on the public radar.

But knowing my history of falling upon women who aren’t really “available” for any kind of romantic involvement or relationship based on many factors in the life of that woman. Mainly the fact that they are married. No matter if they are happy in their marriage or not.

This chapter seems to be heading towards the end. The Latin Cougar and her sister, my neighbor, will be taking a trip to Las Vegas- apparently tomorrow. The story told is that once the sibling sisters return back here from their little vacation, is that the Latin Cougar will be heading back to Mexico……….. where her husband is. And that is why it is over.

Thankfully I am able to be at peace in knowing that I caught on super early as to what was happening between her and I. And I caught on so long ago that her rubbing her tits to the back of my neck and head yesterday wasn’t all that necessary for me to know what she was attempting to communicate without using spoken language.

It just doesn’t change the fact that there’s a husband there. I therefore want no part of that kind of arrangement because I had been there before and got burned.

So in the time being, I’m social. I’m pleasant and kind. But I’ve learned and am learning.

I’m getting much better at this bullet-dodging thingy.


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