Gone Too Far


So I’ve not spent a lot of time here because the simple fact is that there’s nothing really to write about since nothing is really going on in this part of my dark world.

Until today. And boy did it come with flying colors and almost a parade and a bang.

I saw this redhead on Facebook and decided to “Follow” her. And then I almost immediately felt shame and regret for doing so, based on the fact that once I started to “follow” her I realized that she was a 16 year old model from far away. Ukraine, I believe.


Her notoriety comes from the fact that she supposedly has the looks of a “living, breathing Barbie doll” at the age of sixteen.

My dilemma was the question of morality. Should I stay or should I go? I decided to stay. But I also decided not to make any sudden movements and call any negative attention towards myself. And as a matter of fact, within a day or two she was forgotten unless she posts something.


It was the comment section of Facebook posts that spun my head so hard with a morality question that it landed me to write on here once again.

As most models do… she posted some photographs on her Facebook page and as it always has been and always will be- there were comments left by people who are “following” her just as I am.

And here’s where everything comes into place, knowing what very little we know about the model and her young age and everything.

A man who appears to be at least twice her age left a comment: “You are sexy.”

The whole Internet just about blew up. What is right and what is wrong and most importantly how does a person define sexy?

Is it wrong to say to this teen model that she looks sexy? Is it okay to say that??


The fact of the matter is that sexy goes along side the word beauty or beautiful. Its all within the eye of the beholder. How one person defines as sexy is not going to be the same for another person. Just as the word morality. What is moral for one person might not be moral for another. And so the subject has reached a middle ground where nobody is able to agree upon.

What IS for sure is that the man who left the comment has been harassed by others who felt it wrong.

But it all boils down to this: As I stated, the model is from Russia or the Ukraine or somewhere. Chances are that she does not understand English very well and will not know the dilemma that is spilling all over her Fan Page.