Be Careful What You Wish For


It has been almost ten years since I tried my hand at an international relationship. And by international I mean that the woman was living here locally, but she was not from the United States of America. She was originally on a green card from El Salvador. So she was in fact here legally.

It (the relationship) lasted much longer than I had expected. Six months. All of this considering that my Spanish was horrible and she spoke NO English. I took one hell of a crash course in Spanish speaking.

But as I said it only lasted six months. And she was not a citizen of this country and her green card was soon to expire. She had found herself at a crossroads. Especially with the thought of whether or not to stay in the country and continue to do what she was doing, which was something I disagreed with.

But I sure wasn’t complaining about the relationship aspect of things for sure!

I have no idea where she went. One evening we had an awkward telephone conversation and she asked me if I loved her. I hesitated and she picked up on it. I was confused because I was getting information from other people about her TRUE nature and I didn’t know how to confront her about all of it.

She used to work as a personal attendant for a neighbor of mine. When her work day was through, that’s when she was spend time with me and then go home. But after that weird conversation, I never saw her again. My neighbor never saw her again, never heard from her again. Nobody knows if she stayed in the country or moved on.

But it was a very powerful lesson in dealing with a foreign language and learning how to communicate with someone who doesn’t know how to speak in English while they are in this country.

Which brings me finally to the point of this blog post.

Years after being in a relationship with the El Salvadorian, I attempted to keep up with the Spanish speaking skills because let’s face it ….. you need it around here.

Enter a brand new attendant for a different neighbor around sometime last month.

Trust me when I tell you that I have NO CLUE what is going on and I probably never will when it comes to women and what they do when they do it. I am the worst person to recognize signals too.

I haven’t even been able to figure out what this young woman’s first name is. She’s not shown any signs that she speaks English either, other than “thank you” and that is about it.

Every morning she and the neighbor comes in and gathers around a table and socializes with other Spanish speaking neighbors. But each and every time I look up, the young woman is looking in my direction. Or directly at me.

I have no idea what is going on. I was given a theory that she’s just trying to figure out who I am because I appear to be around the same age as her, and not like the other neighbors who are elderly.

For weeks now it has seemed like I can only get her to say “Hello. How are you?” to me but in Spanish.

I remember about a week and a half ago, I complained about how I did not know her name. And I couldn’t get anything out of her other than saying hello.

I should have been careful for what I was wanting or wishing for.

Today, I got the looks and the stares again. I was sitting on the other side of the room from the table in which she sat with the neighbor. The neighbor however got up and slowly made her way over to get herself more coffee. I sensed something and so I looked up and the young woman was staring right at me and biting on her lower lip softly.

What the hell? That’s a flirtation- right??

The neighbor brought back to the table her cup of coffee but did not sit down, instead she walked out of the room and entered the rest room. It was an action I didn’t detect because before I even knew it, I was being tapped very rapidly and very roughly and the young woman was standing just inches away from me.

I sat back in my wheelchair and I said “What’s up?”… Que pasa?

Before I knew it, she answered me and totally left me in the dust at the rate in which she was speaking. I still do not have any idea what the hell she said to me.

I asked her if everything was okay. All I could tell by her body language and the expression on her face that the answer was obviously no. My mind still spinning from her blindsiding me with her rate of speech. There was no way I was going to get any of that.

I just simply looked at her face and there was no smile. So I did not smile back and I just nodded very slowly. I always find myself doing that if I do not understand what was said to me.

Then she turned to look behind her. The neighbor for which she works for had not come out of the rest room at this point and then she whispered to see my hands.

I lifted them up and she took a hold of my right hand with both of hers and I flinched when she inconspicuously slipped my hand between her thighs. The warmth of her body seemed to be missing as she was standing there still with a heavy jacket on her body even though she had been indoors for at least the past hour and a half.

Then I heard her whisper once more a phrase which translated loosely into English. Basically she said she had no underwear on.

Umm… I could tell.

Then she and I both heard the rest room door begin to open and she fled away from me and went back to her chair at the table where she grabbed her cell phone and started texting someone.

The rest of the time, I didn’t even bother to think about where my hand was but rather it was attempting to focus on what the hell it was that she said to me in Spanish.

I told you I don’t get signals. Even if that was a signal of some kind. I don’t know.

The rest of the time that she was there she roamed around the room some more and each and every time I would look up she was still gazing in my direction. I never said anything about the “thigh action” though to nobody. But she was daring as there was at least a half a dozen other people in there that may or may not have seen it.

I heard her talking later on and I looked up and she was being expressive with her hands. Her right hand having a simple band on it. Now I must figure out if Mexico or at least the other Latin American countries are like Germany and other countries in Europe where they wear their wedding rings on their right hand rather than their left as they do here in the United States of America.

Hell, I don’t even know at this point what I would do with her if anything at all if I was to find out more information about her and that it all would lean towards my favor.

I almost …. ALMOST paid a very heavy price with the woman from El Salvador. I don’t need to be put into the ground by a different Latina.

But I will say this, I can still feel the sensation of warmth on my fingertips.