Double Dose Of Bitches For $30

I do not do a lot of social networking. I don’t have Instagram. I barely go to Twitter even if I think about it. And of course G+ is just a joke.

But the one thing that just sticks in the craw is the Facebook Events. One can carelessly “Select All Friends” and invite everyone that they know to the event that they are hosting. I still maintain that there’s going to come a day when I snap. More discretion needs to be used when using the “Invite Friends” feature to RSVP people for an event.

Still there I was, getting mentally prepared to go see a show somewhere when out of nowhere this girl “invites me” to attend some kind of event that was a campaign for awareness to some kind of bullshit that I don’t personally have no connection with or any particular desire to be included in.

But because of WHO it was that invited me, I figured I’d try to kill two birds with one stone that night. Splitting myself in two places.

And then after many months of talking and talking and talking to one particular woman, she finally succumbed and agreed to meeting me at the event that I was invited to, but didn’t really have much desire to attend. Needless to say that the desire level went up a bit when she said to meet her there.

So I was at the first event. It was free all the way. I even got to the point where I was receiving the VIP treatment with all kinds of access to people. And I left that circle of happiness to “go on a date.”

I went to the second event. Barely saw the woman who had originally invited me. And here’s where it all went bad:

Cover charge: $10
A soft drink: $2

$12 down already and I hadn’t seen anyone that I knew. Nor had I seen anyone that I was expecting to see.

There were vendors about, selling things and wares that I would never in a million years buy. Until there was one ring that looked good and it fit. $18 for that, talked down from $20. I’m no good at haggling.

That was my $30 in expenses.

The person who had invited me to the event, was off playing with these other girls. Off in a place that was inaccessible to me. I had sat there to wait her out to see if she would ever move again. She would not. 80-90% of the time she had her back turned to me. And I didn’t know what to do in order to get her attention…. when I only wanted to say hello.

Moments later, as I was finishing off the drink I had to purchase, eye contact between her and I was finally established. And it happened several times. I counted at least FOUR times where the eye contact was extended.

She didn’t do anything!! No smile. No head nod. No wave. And she didn’t bother to get up to come to me to speak either.

I was left to think nothing more but “Fuck her.” and stick around for the date to arrive.

You probably already know where this is going …..

The date NEVER showed. I was stood up.

Being stood up on a date is nothing new to me. But it doesn’t make things any easier or make things any better. I am just saying that being stood up is the usual result. And it always sucks when it happens.

I began to regret the entire decision to leave the comforts of my VIP access at the first event and I left the second event to return to the first.

As I made the two block journey outside onto a very crowded sidewalk — I saw her.

She was stammering with her high heels, constantly pulling down her miniskirt. And was accompanied by at least four other women.

A herd.

I caught up to her and got in her face inquiring as to where she thought she was going and what she thought she was doing.

After I got this lame speech about how she thought it was on another day and what not, which was bullshit since SHE was the one that set it up, I began to move away from her… fearing that I would say something to her that I would regret.

But this was the second woman in under thirty minutes where I would say “Fuck her!” about.

She yelled at me in front of a crowd of about 40-50 people. And I just turned around and looked at her like she was nuts. She wanted to talk about it more, but there was nothing more to talk about. She stood there giggling with her girl friends every time she sprouted out a lie from her lips.

I knew what she was saying was rubbish. It was very apparent.

Finally I just blew up and shouted back, “You know what??? You are the one your mother should have swallowed!!!!!!!!!!”

The entire area of about 40-50 people heard this and erupted with reaction and response.

The woman that I was supposed to go on a date with, and her group of friends stood there humiliated. Shocked without knowing what to say.

So I move on towards the next part of the dating life, to see what wonders or bummers are waiting in store for me.

And just as I thought in my head about these two, I can say now: FUCK THEM. They are not worth anything to me any more.

That’s $30 and about an hour and a half that I will never get back, due to two dumb women and their selfishness. Thanks, life!!