Calling Out Long Term Bullshit


For those of you who know me personally, you know that I do my very best to be one of the most respectful men on the planet when it comes to dealing with females. But sometimes there will come a time where I will just lose my cool and all the uncouth things spill forward.

With that, I shall say: Bitches ain’t shit.

And now the explanation.

I am sure that most of you have seen that quotation or meme that rhetorically questions the fact that the people that mean the most in your life are the ones that live so far away. There are some people in my own personal and social life who are the same way.

In my short tenure of socializing via the Internet, I’ve gathered a small collective of people that I would love to meet in person. I’ve had my circles of women that I would totally go for in a more physical manner. But I also know my boundaries, as well as theirs.

So then there’s been one that go back and forth constantly over the last near decade of what she’s willing to do and what she is not willing to do. In other words her boundaries keep shifting.

Now again, I can be respectful of a person’s boundaries. But when they have constantly shifted over the years, its rather difficult to keep up.

Which leads to today’s frustration.

After a very long time of developing what I had been considering a respectful, loving, personal relationship with a woman who many boundaries, and never crossing those lines over time, in addition having that similar ole conversation that we all have with that certain someone at one time or another about the desire and the ability of meeting them one day in person.

Years and years and years of daydreaming and wishing and wanting that to happen. And being so close at times for it to be a reality, I finally came up with a SOLID solution to the situation. One that could definitely bring me face to face with her finally, after nearly a decade of knowing her.

But the shit got way too real for her. I mean… REALLY REALLY REAL!!!

After explanation the idea, the excitement escaped her. And at the end of the night the usual banter back and forth of “I love you.” and “I love you too.” was gone. It became one sided. Suddenly, it was “Good night, my friend.” and nothing more or less.

My problem is that when I realized what she had done, I allowed it to get to me. So now here I am.

It is not cool to lead people on when you are being drawn by your own imagination. People like that need a reality check, in my opinion. And not at the expense of hurting other people’s feelings.

It has been suggested that I cut this woman loose for good, and let her go. What do you think??