The Women Of Instagram


And welcome to 2018.

This post is going to just be me writing down some thoughts based on observation.

I’ve been noticing a lot lately that either I am doing really well in weeding out people that are unsavory from social media OR the unsavory and the perverted have all gone over to Instagram.

Over the past several months, almost the last year, I found myself jumping into the muck and the mire of “following” people that I really had no business following.

I did it though. Sad but true.

Now in my case, my profile/account/whatever is somewhat restricted. I am unable to post any photos. But I am capable of clicking that little heart icon and I can leave a comment to someone else’s photo that has been posted.

Lately though, I’ve been wanting to toss my cookies at the amount of comments that are being posted to women’s photos on Instagram.

Personally I found myself following international women. Women who do not speak English as their first language. Plenty of them have modeling as either their career or serious hobby.

Russia, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and every place in between.

Over and over and over again, its the same old bullshit in the comment section. And these comments are in English. Some of them broken English.

If I had $100 for every comment that I have read along the lines of “marry me!”, I would be absolutely rich!! And I have no choice but to laugh at the broken English proposals of “merry me.”

I may find a photo here and there appealing or attractive. But as I have been saying for years now, that by the time I can come up with a suitable compliment for the photo, the comment section is full of trashy remarks that are repeated up to 20 times PER PHOTO!!

I feel that these are the ones that make MY social/dating life difficult. These women hear/read these trashy comments so many freaking times that by the time I say something NICE, it gets lost.

Being that at the time I am writing this blog post and it being New Years Day 2018, plenty of these women over the past couple of weeks have been posting photos that have been holiday themed. And over the past 2-3 days, more photos have been more personal to everyone because the women have posted photos of themselves with their families.

And by “families,” I mean their husbands/boyfriends/significant others AND/OR their children.

And these perverts who have been following these women for who knows how long, either don’t know how to use the Internet to get a loose translation of the photo caption or are just not paying a lot of attention.

I had stopped counting after finding sixteen different comments to five different women’s photos who had posted an image of them with their other half and finding the comments to be people who were in shock, asking if they were married, or if that was their husband/boyfriend/whatever.

I’ve come up with a theory.

The signs were there all along. I think.

These perverts are just there to look at “hot women” and then vomit their sexual arousal all over the place.

In particular, those who are models are constantly posting new content several times a day. Anything from a photo session or a mirror selfie.

My theory is that if someone has posted photos and it does not appear to be a selfie, then obviously someone else is behind the camera. If the person is not really close up in the photo then someone else is helping out with the photography.

If its not a professional photographer… who else could it be???

It would make sense to deduce that there’s a possibility of a significant other involved.

Therefore there should be absolutely NO SHOCK involved when women post photos of family, particularly during the holiday season.


The Crap Cycle Of Dating To Non-Dating


And I’m back!

I wanted to talk about this cycle I found myself in and get some things off of my chest.

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to try dating again. Even if my mind wasn’t in this whole “idea” of it “being a date” outside of the standard definition.

At the time, I found myself surrounded by female colleagues that I know from one person or another. I would always see them whenever I made the decision by myself to go out to enjoy live music. But it was the ONLY TIME that I would see these women.

The thought had come to me that even if these people said that I was their friend, then why aren’t they acting like it? Male and female.

I have always gotten along better with women than men. It is just the way I’ve always been.

I asked myself over and over again: If we’re friends, then why aren’t we acting like it?

I set out so long ago to try to meet with one person for dinner. Even though she said “yes” over a year ago. Then she said “yes” again, but nothing ever came of it. Only that she would not be able to go out until a certain date had come. That certain date has come and been gone for over a month now!

When I apologized for the second time of bombing, her response was “I just figured you forgot or that something came up.” And at first it seemed as if she was being very forgiving of the repeated mistake. But after a while I started to think “I don’t think it matters too much to her because if it did, wouldn’t she have prodded me for some kind of answer as to why nothing has happened?”

I moved on to the next person in those circles. I said “We hardly see each other because we do not go to the same shows. How about getting tacos sometime?”. To which I received another “yes” but again…. nothing further.

To be fair, “contestant #2” (as it were) as far as I can tell is in a relationship. And I am not out to destroy that.

And I have most recently been told by yet TWO MORE women “We should hang out at a show together!” Over and over again.

My problems are not being turned down. My problem is the follow through. The planning, the scheduling. None of that happens!

My word of warning to anyone who is reading this, is to ALWAYS have a plan to follow through and make sure that it gets planned and actually put down on the calendar.

And even though I may be choosing the WRONG women to “date” I should still be following through with the original plans of hanging out.

I am hoping that in the very near future, I will change all of this. I just hope that if you are reading this and you are stuck as I am, that you take these words to heart and don’t just ask someone out… actually TAKE them out. No matter what it is that you are doing. JUST DO IT.



Rock and Roll Tramp: Game Over

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about a girl that I called “Rock and Roll Tramp” for non-specific purposes. Needless to say that in those long, long months I’ve had the opportunity to know her a little better.

Sad to say that as far as seeing her in person, it is a very safe bet that I have not seen her sober at all. Not once. Every time I have been near or around her, two things are constant: We are at a venue watching live music. And she’s drunk as hell.

After a few times seeing her out in about, I was noticing patterns. She was only there when certain bands or certain people were on stage. Then the truth came full circle in the most ugly of ways.

“Tramp” was always seen with a bass guitar player. Showed up with him, left with him. The very telling moment was when I saw the bass player shove her into the men’s room at a bar once and neither of them emerged for at least a good fifteen to twenty minutes later.

It was at that point I felt that it was over. At least for me.

The odd part of the transition was the next time that I saw her after she had been fucked in the men’s room, I referred to the guy as her “boyfriend” and she flipped her lid. In the most defiant of manner she vehemently denied that’s who he was.

I was not convinced of it.

Over the next year I grew to accept the defeat. I grew to realize that I had in fact asked her out and she accepted the offer but I never followed through on that. And I also grew to accept that even if I had followed through (at that time) she was still with him and therefore I would have considered the event one thing, and she would have considered it something else which is a recipe for disaster. Nothing would ever become of it.

And then a month ago, the incredibly impossible happened. The bass player boyfriend reached out to me one-to-one to discuss his feelings and situations with “Tramp” and I was (but not really) shocked to learn that they were having problems in the relationship. It was four consecutive late night talks about the relationship, including intimate details that I never knew, nor would I have guessed.

She had decided to take a break from their relationship, and he was missing her. I think that they spend nearly 24 hours around each other. And if that is close to being correct, then I’d agree…. it is a messy situation because that is way too much.

Four days later, they were back together at another show. And apparently happily ever after according to the bass player. I’ve never approached her side of things as he probably would be embarrassed to admit that he talked about such things that were private to me.

So a year has gone by, and all hopes of wrestling down the “Tramp” are dead and gone. Nothing will ever come from the two of us. And after all this time I realize…. that’s a good thing!! It is amazing what a person can learn if they just take some time to evaluate.

I am still amicable with both of them. But with her- the way that I relate with her as changed drastically and more safely.

But for the Rock and Roll Tramp? Game over.

No, Not All Men


I wanted to wait long enough for this story to calm down just long enough so that I could throw in my own two cents on the situation.

We all know who this guy is. We all know what he did. And we all know what kind of aftermath it swept up in the process.

The thing that got to me was the #YesAllWomen campaign that was supposed to take place on Twitter. This thing spilled over into pretty much EVERYTHING and started this riot act.

Well guess what? Not ALL women. And no not ALL men either.

Let me tell you a story.

Back during the days of high school, I probably could have related to this guy very distinctively and very directly. I had no women who wanted to date me, no girlfriend, no females hanging out with me. And even though I did ask girls out, they always said no. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS.

Did it make me feel good? No, of course not. Did it frustrate me? Most definitely!

Did I kill these women because they rejected me? NOT AT ALL.

By the time I was 17 or 18, I was sick of hearing “No” from girls in high school. It got to the point where it happened so much that even TODAY in the 21st Century, I anticipate the answer to be “No” even when I’ve not given the woman a fair chance to speak her mind.

And of course when she says “Yes” I immediately wonder whether or not she’s sick or if she is just teasing or whatever.

This guy in California basically had things fucked up in his head. He thought that having a BMW, designer clothes and accessories, and being a part of a wealthy family should have gotten him laid so much that he couldn’t keep up with all of the girls. But instead, the exact opposite happened for him. He got NOTHING.

At age 22, he was still a virgin. And he was definitely whining and bitching about it. Instead of going and doing something about it, he blamed WOMEN for the fact that he still had his virginity.

I guess that we all can be grateful that he didn’t go out and rape and assault women, but at the same time he deliberately blamed OTHERS for his problems and misfortunes and failed to see the problem within himself.

When I kept seeing that woman after woman kept rejecting me, I eventually got to the point of asking “Is it me??” and then attempted to do something about it to correct the situation. But the damage in high school for me was already done. There wasn’t going to be anyone that would say “Yes” in high school. And that was just the cold, harsh reality of it.

This guy however, gets through high school somehow, goes to a local community college and then lusts after everything he sees and then blames others for his misery when the rest of the world is having fun.

Yes, I think the guy was nuts. I think the guy did have a “holier than thou” attitude when it came to women and most other men. And I think that he had some major issues that never got addressed that would have helped him.

But you know what? This guy blaming “blonde sluts” for the fact that he was still a virgin was beyond ridiculous. If you have seen any of his YouTube videos, he explains that he feels its everyone else’s problem but not his own. And he just cannot see why people do not like him in general. Then he shows his own ass.

If this guy was so “well off” then why didn’t he just go nail a hooker or better yet, grab the nearest bottle of lotion or vaseline?? No… he wanted sex with a woman and he wasn’t getting what he wanted- so he acted like a spoiled child and blamed THEM for it. But then his lowered mental state kicked in and HE was the one that decided that these people were going to be “punished” for it and that these people (particularly the women and most definitely the women that rejected him) actually DESERVED what he was going to do to them, which was end their lives.


My point is that I was generally in the same situation as he was in when I was in high school. And I had the same anger and frustration with girls. BUT I NEVER LAID A FINGER ON THEM IN ANY ACT OF VIOLENCE OR REVENGE!!!! So don’t tell me “all men” and “all women” … don’t even start. The fact that I never harmed any of the women that rejected me, is what disconnects me from this whacko.

Whether it was misogyny or mental illness or whatever the case, he made his choices. And clearly he chose a destructive and violent path which led to his own death. I’m still waiting to get confirmation that he ventilated his own skull or not. There are reports of him shooting it out with police.

Again, I want to point out that I chose something else. I chose another way to deal with everything. I didn’t just go balls out and decided to kill anyone and everyone just because I was rejected by them.

I would in fact eventually get over the pain of rejection. And now… many years later, come to find out that I am actually living BETTER on my own, as a single man than these women lived their lives to be where it is today in 2014.

What a shock.