Misanthropic Mama



I took a little adventure to the south part of town to go to a party. Hoping and praying that a number of particular people would be in attendance. I got squat.

Well, I probably should not say “squat” as there were some there but I could count them all on one hand and still have fingers left uncounted.

The party was awesome. Great music!! I won’t complain about that. my expectations (yet again) were too high and when certain people didn’t show up… that’s when it went to pot.

Five bands that night would rock the night away. And then during the second band, there she was walking in the front door!

Misanthropic Mama (MM).

I met just a few short years ago at a music festival. Each day of the festival she was there and as long as I didn’t go any place else, I would be able to talk to her, get to know her, and hang out with her.

But the problem was the discrepancy of her being any where other than that festival. Two years in a row going to the festival, she was there with the exception of this year, which was disappointing. Yet I survived.

Then she showed up at the party and I was beside myself.

The moment she saw me, she smiled very big and stood there frozen as if she could not believe that she had run into me there.

She and I embraced for what seemed like hours. The one thing that I can always remember about her is that her hugs linger and linger and linger.

But from my elevation, I just cannot hold on to people for forever like that. And most women (people in general) are bending over just to hug me, and eventually their back will tell them to stop.

MM made the attempt to ask questions of me to catch up on how I have been doing and all of that.

I was in disbelief as her hair had grown so much in length since I had seen her last. It was thick and grown past her ass.

She offered to buy me a drink and then we stood there in the back of the club listening to the band that was on stage at that time. I tried not to stare and there were a few times that we caught one another looking at each other but there was no awkwardness to it or anything. A good thing!!

MM and I would move up closer to the stage to have a better view. And she still stood at my side. It is only worth mentioning because that rarely happens.

But it would not last long. Another colleague showed up. Then I was book-ended by women. MM would leave and go somewhere else in the club, if not to the bar. That whole scene is a story for another time.

Towards the end of the night, she told me that she was going outside to smoke some pot. So I told her that I did not, but I would go with her to wherever she needed or wanted to go.

We walked quite a distance away from the club and away from other people until we reached the end of a building and hid behind it in the dark. As she walked in front of me, I just could not believe how long her hair and grown since I had seen her last.

I was close by to her side as she did her business. I found myself running my fingers through her hair, playing with it and complimenting her about it.

Eventually I put my arms around her and she smiled. I told her as I looked into her eyes that she was incredibly beautiful and she bashfully giggled and said thank you.

I pulled her closer and she put her arms around my neck. As her body bent, I leaned in and at the last moment turned my face towards hers. There I was kissing her softly but passionately.

I was successful in this display of deep affection for the first time in my adult life. Being nervous that she would retreat and pull away, but that never happened. There was no apologies, no excuses, no awkwardness of any kind.

As my hands drew up and down her back to her ass and then all the way up to the back of her head and repeating the process, I could taste what was left of the marijuana lingering on her lips.

There we were up against the wall kissing in the darkness until finally she softly pushed her hands against my shoulders to pull away.

I placed my hand on her chest in between her breasts and stomach and told her that I adored her. My hand drew down her torso to her waist and with one finger I searched for her zipper

And right at that moment when things were moving smoothly, some random person came around the corner talking loudly on their cell phone. She backed off real fast and pulled up on her zipper to make sure it was up.

Before anyone could say “Anbesol” she threw her things back into her purse and said “Let’s go back inside.”

It was another hour before she said she was going to go home and she also said that we would meet again soon. But I have doubts.

With her not ever coming out of her home except to go to work, I have no idea when that will be.


The Hunt Of Latin Cougar

Picture 038

Someone please call the police! I’ve been a victim of a cougar attack!!

But in all honesty, I shouldn’t complain about it. In fact, I shouldn’t even be analyzing it. Still though, it happened and I don’t know why. I think that the not knowing is the worst thing and so my mind has been spinning it around and around and around to see what it spits out as either reason or excuse.

A very common and frequent guest of one of my neighbors has been spotted more and more as of lately to the point that the person in which she is visiting, is under back talk and scrutiny as to whether or not this guest and the residential neighbor is actually living together. Not like it is anyone’s business though!

Nonetheless, she’s there in the mornings. She sits at the table, drinks coffee, and often times bringing along some sort of breakfast snack or pastry to go along with it. And she’s willing to share with those around her at the table, and if I am there she will share or at least offer to me to share.

The communication however is quite difficult as she does not speak English. Only Spanish.

And as this is intended to be a sex and relationships blog, I won’t get into the politics about languages being spoken and what should and should not be.

I had found myself involved in a very similar situation with a woman from El Salvador for about six months. She did not speak English either. But the motion of the ocean cares not which tongue you use.

Trying to figure out the current day cougar has been tricky. I don’t want to come across as if I am on the hunt. That’s the last thing I would need around here is to have people assuming that I’m trying to get into this woman’s business, even though its none of theirs.

Hell, even attempting to figure out this cougar’s first name is a freaking challenge. A challenge that still goes on. And what is the connection or relationship behind coming here to visit?

The cougar has however adopted a rather friendly approach to greetings and salutations. It is a physical approach but still friendly. As of recently, she has been hugging or side arm hugging people as she enters the room, all depending on whether or not the person she is greeting is capable of giving a full embrace.

At first, it had been a matter of the cougar’s comfort. But after a few days and weeks of seeing me every morning for coffee and just being there at the same table has allowed her to relax a bit and be a little more open.

Hell just last week she got up from the other side of the table to sit right next to me as I was looking through a cookbook full of weird recipes. With her inability to understand English (or so I suspect) she instead just was looking at the photographs of food that were in the book. A few times, she asked what it was and I did my best to translate.

I can speak Spanish. But if you dropped me off to be all by myself in the middle of Mexico, I would be so rightfully screwed.

But the cougar warms up day by day by day. Side arm hugs turn into full embrace. It also turns into her talking with me on a one-to-one level more often. Even though I am only understanding about 20-30% of what she is saying at that exact moment. Usually I’ll leave and think about what was said and piece it together later to understand more of what was said, however any opportunity to retort is long gone.

And then it all changed this morning. There’s no going back because of the change either.

Oh sure, I could call it quits but honestly who would want that??? Not anyone that I would know. Certainly not me!!

Upon waiting for the coffee to be brewed, I moved over towards the coffee pot and the cougar also was standing by and waiting patiently. Clearly the both of us having a need for caffeine.

Then suddenly she spoke up and I probably understood about 75% of what she asked me, which was whether or not I wanted coffee. I said that I did, and she grabbed a second coffee mug. Then she asked if I wanted to add sugar or whatever and I told her what I normally put into my coffee and she put it all at the bottom of the cup. Not something that I would do personally but hey, its all going into the same place. Then she poured coffee into MY cup before pouring coffee into her cup!!!

And to be brutally honest, I could have developed a swollen ego about it, but as I am understanding it – that’s just part of the Latin culture for her to do so.

The thing that I am unclear about is whether or not it is still part of that Latin culture for her to serve it to me by handing me the cup that was filled to the top carefully so that nobody got burned and wouldn’t let go until she knew that I firmly had a handle on the cup. And as I grabbed the cup, she darted her head straight forward and kissed and pecked at my fingers. It was the first of signals that went flying that I didn’t pick up on.

Yay me!!!!

Time passed. Everyone was enjoying their coffee… attempting to wake up. Then there was some kind of bread with cream cheese inside and the cougar served that to me too. Well, she asked first and I said yes, THEN she served it to me. She could have just passed it along but she got up and handed it to me. She was only two chairs away sitting at a circular shaped table. Second signal failed to detect!

The conversation at the table had reached a point where it was 100% Spanish and zero English and so I kind of got left out for a bit and so I finished my snack and my coffee and moved on but stayed inside of the room.

As the morning progressed, people started to leave. Including the cougar. So I moved forward to at least be inside the nucleus.

The cougar was saying at the very least “Bye!” to people. So she came up to me and fully embraced me and did not let go.

She began to caress my back, shoulders, and the back of my neck before embracing me stronger and whispering words that took me a while to translate in my head. And then she kissed me lightly upon the lips.

Rosa at the ruinsWhoa… what was that?!?

She whispered something along the lines of “I’m missing you.” or “I’m going to miss you.” or something very similar. And it didn’t make sense until I had spoke to another neighbor and to find out that the cougar was going to Las Vegas for a short trip.

Okay now that “missing you” part made sense.

The fact that the cougar is visiting one of the neighbors was still a mystery to what the connection was between them.

The neighbor and the cougar are SISTERS.


Not sure if I’ll be seeing the cougar soon, the neighbor that I spoke to that thought they were going to Las Vegas believed that they were leaving today. We’ll see what happens. But the hugs and the kisses were brand new. And I didn’t even bother to pick up on these signals she was letting off.